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Clubhouse at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theater - Marta Koniczuk

19 of March '20

The modern, dark building of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theater hides a truly Elizabethan stage with balconies and an opening roof. Creating the interior of the theater café, Marta Koniczuk referred to the existing architecture.

The space of the club cafe could just as well have been a stage on which the scenery was set up. This impression is enhanced by ropes straight from the rope room - the actors are about to enter, and the technicians will pull the thick coils and the curtain will be raised.

The silver sculptural shell surrounding the bar gives the interior an impression of eeriness, which is enhanced by the light reflected in it. Its shape is reminiscent of a tablecloth, giving the decor a solemn overtone, or the folds of a dress sewn from heavy fabric, belonging to an Elizabethan lady. Luminous spheres float above the bar, while lamps diffuse brightness over the couches against the wall. Their overscaled lampshades filling the narrow corridor, reminiscent of a crinoline or the attire of a Gdansk bourgeoisie traversing the city's narrow streets.

The clubhouse at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theater


The colors used in this interior - black and white make it elegant, minimalist and cohesive. The silver element of the sculpture breaks it down and reminds us of the modern character of the institution, thus fitting in with the aesthetics of the theater's architecture.

Next to the clubhouse is an exhibition space, separated by a partition with a projection of Shakespearean quotes, guiding the intricate layout of the underground floor.

The design of the Klubokawiarnia at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theater by the {tag:Studio} office received an honorable mention in the SAW Interior of the Year competition in the Public Interior category.

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