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A house with a pattern in Sokolow Podlaski - Widawscy Studio of Architecture

18 of March '20

The house with a pattern was built in Podlasie among meadows and forests. The smell of grasses and cereals floats around. The architects of {tag:Studio} with their design were only to complete this harmony.

Thanks to large glazing, nature "comes through" the windows into the house. This sense of balance with nature is also provided by the natural materials used to build the space. Wood warms the bright apartment, as do fine copper elements.

The designers decided to clean the interior of unnecessary ornamentation, choosing to introduce strong accents in the form of, among other things, patterned flooring. In the kitchen these are tiles with a graphic of a white and simplified herringbone pattern on a "cardboard" background, and in the bedroom and bathroom - black and white long stripes. In many areas of the house, vertical wooden panels painted or preserved in natural color have been installed on the walls. These ornaments play with the perception of the eye, filling the space while not cluttering it.

A house with a pattern

photo by Tomasz Borucki

An important element in the interior of the Podlasie house is blue. Using it, the designers wanted to refer to the color of Orthodox churches, often found in this region. Blues, cobalts in the Orthodox religion have a special meaning - they symbolize the Mother of God, evoke heaven and spirituality. These associations are consistent with the architects' design intentions.

The designers also created a clever storage system. Throughout the house are placed, often invisible at first glance, hiding places, so that everyday items do not interfere with the aesthetics of the interior. A pantry was hidden in the wooden module of the kitchen, and under the stairs, instead of a classic cell, there are cabinets.

An interesting idea is also to separate the library, separating it from the living area of the house with a glass door. This allows you to be involved in family life and at the same time gain privacy.

Widawscy Studio of Architecture was awarded third place in SAW's Interior of the Year in the Private Interior category.

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