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Penthouse in Żoliborz - project of MY SPACE studio Magdalena Smolanka

17 of March '20

Conversation of the interior with the exterior - this was the main goal of the design of the Żoliborz penthouse. Communication between the interior architect and the found space, created by another artist, is crucial. This is how art is created.

For Magdalena Smolanka, art is a pillar of interior design. The thought process begins as soon as you cross the threshold. On 137 square meters spread over two floors, it was necessary to create a space with an individual character, in keeping with the existing architecture. Due to the specific division of the windows, the designer's first inspiration was the work of Piet Mondrian. It was a sign that this apartment could not be like any other. As the author herself says:

With this project I wanted to show that creating an interior is a complex research process, but above all an artistic form of expression.

Penthouse in Żoliborz - the first day of construction | Piet Mondrian, Composition 2 avec rouge et bleu 1937

photo by Magdalena Smolanka | © Service de la documentation photographique du MNAM - Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI /Dist. RMN-GP Domain Public

detail in the center

The apartment may appear dark - anthracite is the dominant color here. However, the plentiful glazing and the light streaming in through it offset the apparent impression of semi-darkness. The real balance, however, is introduced by details - a bright sofa, copper elements in the kitchen or bathrooms in the form of faucets, among others.

The objects and furniture in this space were designed and selected with the utmost care so as not to disturb the overtones of the concept. At every step you can come across original solutions, which at the same time are unobtrusive and do not dominate the space. It is the carefully selected details combined together that create a whole, which determines the character of the interior. This was possible, thanks to the cooperation with craftsmen - a glazier, stonemason, carpenter and general contractor.

golden division

The space of the apartment was undivided - the creation of individual rooms was one of the tasks of the architect. On the first floor, the kitchen, living room, study and guest bathroom were created. On the first floor - a bedroom, two dressing rooms, a bathroom next to the bedroom, a utility room, a guest room and a bathroom next to it. The author of the project cared about the fuknciality of the entire apartment, combining the pragmatic with the beautiful.

The Żoliborz penthouse was equipped with an intelligent control function - it has a programmed system of automatic switching on and off scenes of lighting, air conditioning and window shades, adapted to the functioning of its residents during the day.

The studio's MY SPACE project won second prize in SAW's Interior of the Year competition in the Private Interior category.

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