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SASSY in Warsaw. Restaurant and nightclub in one

16 of August '22
Technical data
Name: SASSY Warsaw
Investor: SGD Ventures
Location: Poland, Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw, Poland.
Studio: Biuro Kreacja
Design team: Dorota Terlecka, Karolina Polinska, Paula Banasik
Visualizations: Bartek Pszczółkowski, Paula Banasik
Photos: Tom Kurek
Area: 335 m²
Calendar: 2022

Restaurant and nightclub in one? Why not! A new restaurant of the Creation Bureau project has appeared on the map of Warsaw. In the two-story SASSY Warsaw, located in the Warsaw Breweries, you can taste exquisite food and drinks and dance on a lighted dance floor. Look out for intense colors and neon lights.

Ciemny hol wejściowy z charakterystycznym neonem

A dark entrance hall with a distinctive neon sign

photo: Tom Kurek © Biuro Kreacja

two in one

From the hustle and bustle of the Warsaw Breweries, visitors to the establishment are separated by a dark entrance hall with the neon Youth Has No Age illuminating the space. After completing the formalities, club visitors enter the main room with a dual function - a restaurant that turns into a dance club at night.

SASSY Warsaw is a continuation of the SASSY Gdańsk concept, which aims to combine the experience of an upscale restaurant with a nightclub offering both cultural and dance experiences, the designers say.

Za dnia restauracja, a nocą klub taneczny

A restaurant by day and a dance club by night

Photo: Tom Kurek © Kreacja Office

To the right of the entrance is a bar with a ceiling lowered in relation to the main room. This treatment allows for a quiet drink during a break from dancing.

Intensywny czerwony kolor i światło neonów

The intense red color and light build the space

Photo: Tom Kurek © Biuro Kreacja

The arched light elements, smooth and flowing forms in intense red color, as the designers say, are meant to refer in shape to the Bauhaus style, and a visit to the premises may bring associations with the movie set of the next part of Blade Runner.

SASSY Warszawa, rzut parteru

SASSY Warsaw, first floor plan

© Biuro Kreacja

futuristic minimalism

The main idea of the architects from the Biuro Kreacja studio was elegance and futuristic minimalism in the club's interiors. It can be seen in the individually designed sofas, whose austerity of steel finishes is softened by soft velour, or the sculptures on the walls of the mezzanine, created from the deconstruction of the SASSY logo. References to the name of the premises are also visible on the floor. Also noteworthy is the interior of the small restroom, where, thanks to the use of mirrors and led strips, the space seems endless. The illusion of depth is emphasized by a neon signmultiplied with reflections.

Na antresoli znajdują się loże i dodatkowy bar

The mezzanine floor features lodges and an additional bar

photo: Tom Kurek © Biuro Kreacja

neon signs and visuals

The club's mezzanine features comfortable lodges, and the walls feature an OKO installation, referring to SASSY Gdańsk's mother club with an eye motif running throughout the interior. The neon eye is reflected in the mirrors and is also visible in the second bar on the premises' first floor. The entire visual experience is complemented by projection screens placed above the main room, and the projected visuals allude to the water motif and the work of The Weather Project by Olafur Elliason.

Stonowane wnętrze łazienki

Subdued bathroom interior

Photo: Tom Kurek © Biuro Kreacja

The intimate space of the restrooms is built up by fleshy greenery and soft light. A fun addition is a neon sign with the slogan The magic is in You, Baby! encouraging guests to continue the fun. However, should they wish to leave the premises, the final persuasion is a gentle sign at the exit Baby, please don't go.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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