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Small apartment, big challenge. A project by Anna Haudek and Joanna Major

12 of August '22

Small apartments are great design challenges. How to functionally arrange the space on a small area, so that the daily life of the household members does not resemble a game of Tetris?



© Anna Haudek, Joanna Major

This was the challenge faced by the designer duo Anna Haudek and Joanna Major. In an apartment overlooking the Oder River located on Kępa Mieszczańska in Wrocław, they had less than 43 square meters at their disposal, a space that is ultimately intended for rent.

colorful accents

The first step was to demolish most of the partition walls provided for in the original design of the apartment. In places, fragments of concrete hidden under the plaster were also exposed, which, as it turned out, was not a rough, gray surface, but, as the project's authors noted, took on a warm orange-pink hue.

w sypialni wygospodarowano także miejsce do pracy

The bedroom also provided a place to work

Photo: Studio Resources

It was the orange color that became the leitmotif of the interior, the element that tied the open space together. Open, because after demolishing the walls, the architects decided not to build new ones, but to introduce glazing between the living area and the bedroom, which optically enlarges the apartment. So the frames of the transparent wall and the narrow muntins are orange. Also orange is the tall bookcase in the bedroom and the frame of the bathroom door.

pomarańczowe akcenty w jasnej sypialni

Orange accents in a bright bedroom

Photo: Studio Resources

functional solutions

The color stands out, especially since the whole interior is kept in white broken by a light shade of plywood, from which, according to the individual design, the authors created a functional and minimalist development. The light and warm tones dominating the apartment were broken by the designers with a distinctive dark blue color of the sofa upholstery, blue chairs in the kitchen and single black accents.

architektki zdecydowały się na odkrycie betonu przykrytego tynkiem detal szafki kuchennej

The architects are also the authors of the furniture design

photo: Studio Resources

The small apartment couldn't miss a classic trick that makes any space seem a little bigger - mirrors! Mirrors appeared on the walls in the kitchen, also as the backs of open cabinets, and in the living area, right by the front door.

lustro na ścianie w kuchni

Mirror on the wall in the kitchen

Photo: Studio Resources

Cooperation with the investor in this case had an ideal course - the project was implemented with practically no changes from the first proposals and concepts, which resulted in a coherent effect, the architects summarize the implementation.

widok z salonu na kuchnię i drzwi wejściowe

View from the living room to the kitchen and front door

Photo: Studio Resources

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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