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Syreni Sung - a club like in the pre-war years

21 of August '20

Syreni Sung in Warsaw's Koneser Praga Center is a reincarnation of the iconic club. The new location allowed architects from the 370studio studio to create a completely transformed interior inspired by the style of pre-war clubs in the capital.

Syreni Sung, owned by Grupa Warszawa, was for years located in Warsaw's Powiśle district. However, the owners decided to expand and move the club to a revitalized 19th century building of the former Koneser Vodka factory. Architects from 370studio, under the supervision of a conservationist, transformed 600 square meters of warehouse space into a three-story club with a restaurant and stage on the first floor. Each level features a bar reminiscent in style of the clubs and revues of pre-war Warsaw. The industrial walls have been enriched with original elements from the factory's equipment, while velour sofas and couches warm up the interiors.

Wnętrze klubu Syreni

The club occupies four levels

photo: Aleksandra Miszkurka © 370studio

Dobrawa Bies: What was the main inspiration for this project?

Anna Sliwka: The main inspiration was the revitalized 19th centuryvodka warehouse building itself and its industrial character. Added to this was the goal of creating a pleasant club-like interior, where magical performances full of light and color are supposed to happen.

Dobrawa Bies: What were the investor's expectations and needs?

Anna Sliwka: The investor's guideline was to make 100% use of the arrangement potential of a very difficult space, located on four levels, and to efficiently carry out the entire two-year investment as a coordinator on the developer-investor line, and of course to bundle all the parameters of the interior - appearance, ergonomics, operability, regulations, etc.

Syreni Śpiew, kontuar

an important element of the design is the play of light

Photo: Aleksandra Miszkurka © 370studio

Dobrawa Bies: Where did the idea for such a combination of colors, patterns and materials come from?

Anna Sliwka: The goal was to create a pleasant club-like interior, serving the elements of the show. That's why we combined a raw, factory color and material base with the warm and cozy materials of a nightclub.

Jeden z barów
w klubie Syreni Śpiew

The interiors of the premises are reminiscent of pre-war Warsaw

Photo: Aleksandra Miszkurka © 370studio

Dobrawa Bies: What gave you the most satisfaction in creating this project, and what was the biggest challenge?

Anna Sliwka: The biggest challenge was undoubtedly the combination of 4 levels, 4 bars and 3 stages, so that the whole place was coherent in terms of image, and at the same time that each level was unique in its own way. This was achieved with the play of light and the color scheme chosen. The most fun was the creation of this project itself, as we tackled it from the beginning - visiting the ruins of the brewery, to the end - setting up the details hours before the opening.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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