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Apartment Noise, or a Poznan apartment with red accents

19 of August '20

The Piekary project is a historic townhouse in the center of Poznań, which houses apartments for short-term rent. Eight young Poznan artists were invited to arrange them. Two interiors were designed by Lukasz Spychaj. We take a look at one of them, inspired by the work of architect and artist Rajmund Teofil Halas.

On the second floor of a Poznan townhouse on Piekary Street is an apartment called Hałas Apartment. The 48-square-meter space for rent consists of a living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom, a bathroom and a spacious terrace. A strong accent is provided by red furniture and accessories.

Oryginalne krzesła autorstwa
Rajmunda Hałasa Zabytkowa szafa

The dominant element is an original set of chairs by Rajmund Teofil Halas

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Łukasz Spychaj

As Łukasz Spychaj says about the design work:

I wanted to create an interior unique to Poznań, enabling visitors to feel the individual character of this city. I decided to take advantage of local design traditions, completing furnishings from the Swarzędz Furniture Factory (SFM) founded near Poznań in the early 20th century. The dominant element is an original set of chairs designed by Rajmund Teofil Halas, who for many years designed furniture produced by SFM and taught at the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts located two streets away. Their red upholstery became an element that I emphasized by introducing a similar color scheme in other furnishings and creating original graphics. They depict the author and his work, as well as historical plans of the city exposing Piekary Street.

Naturalna cegła na
ścianach Krzesła Hałasa

Natural brick, high ceilings and original furniture are characteristic features of the apartment

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Łukasz Spychaj

The author also tried to emphasize the historical value of the building, bringing out thenatural brick, high ceilings and internal arches. These elements were juxtaposed with contemporary design and modernist furniture.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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