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House in Joy. An interior inspired by the Tom Ford film

17 of August '20

In Warsaw's Radosc, architects from the Colombe studio designed the interior of a house in a style inspired by architecture and design from the mid-20th century - mid-century modern. The spacious 320 m² house is full of a variety of textures, materials, dim natural colors and design gems. The design was inspired by the Tom Ford-directed film, "A Single Man."

Thanks to the proximity of the forest, greenery permeates the house, creating a unique atmosphere. The designers filled the spaces with natural materials, decorative fabrics and distinctive furniture, such as a rattan chaise lounge in the living room, chairs on skids in the dining room and an oval armchair in the children's room, referring in style to the Ball Chair seat by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio.


living room

photo: PION Studio

A&B: What was the main inspiration for this interior?

Colombe: Modernist interiors, the forest and the movie "Single Man."

A&B: What was the biggest challenge, and what gave you the most pleasure during the design process?

Colombe: The challenges were the staircase - its difficult construction made it impossible to realize the decorative railings, and the cladding of the fireplace with custom-made tiles - they shrank and expanded when firing and we couldn't fit them. We succeeded only the third time. On the other hand, it was a pleasure to work with the investor - her inspiration and sensitivity were very motivating.

w salonie salon z widokiem na las

details in the living room

photo: PION Studio

A&B: What were the investor's needs and requirements?

Colombe: The most important things for the investor were: an ecological house, a quick renovation, a very thoughtful space for children created according to the principles of the Montessori educational method, a forest penetrating the interior through the windows and proximity to nature.

przestrzenie dla
dzieci stworzone są według zasad Montessori

The spaces for children are created according to Montessori principles

photo: PION Studio

A&B: How did you come up with this combination of materials and styles?

Colombe: Lots of wood and linen fabrics are the main combination in modernist interiors. There was not much innovation in this project, rather an attempt to recreate the classics.

przestrzenna kuchnia
z jadalnią

spacious kitchen with dining area

photo: PION Studio

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