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Interiors like vacation memories. Home design inspired by southern Croatia

Dobrawa Bies
13 of April '22
Technical data
Name: Interior design of a single-family house
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Lodz province.
Studio: NOVO Architekci
Architect: Andrzej Leja
Area: 160 m²
Project: 2021

Can interior architecture be a reflection of vacation memories? Andrzej Leja of NOVO Architekci, author of an interior design inspired by the landscape of southern Croatia, tries to answer this question. The use of appropriate materials, textures and colors (primarily shades of beige) brings to mind such places as the island of Brač, Hvar and Split. Details alluding to Mediterranean aesthetics also include arched doorways, light wood, rattan and gold accessories. The spaces are emphasized by the play of daylight and artificial light.

Przestrzeń jadalni

The interiors are dominated by shades of beige

© NOVO Architects

Dobrawa Bies: The project we're talking about is the interior of a house meant to evoke the climate of southern Croatia. Tell us, please, about the inspirations and how they influenced the concept and the choice of materials.

Andrzej Leja: The main idea of the project, which was paramount from the beginning of the conception, was to create an interior that combines a balanced form close to minimalism with the textures, patterns and colors of the areas of southern Croatia. At the time of the project's creation, it was also a region freshly visited by me, which certainly influenced the overall work. The main inspiration in terms of plastic became the landscape in the area of the island of Brač and Hvar - where beige operates in a very wide palette of shades and levels of saturation. The quartz sinter in travertine décor used in the various parts of the development is a reflection of these views that are particularly close to the investors. Other details reminiscent of the Mediterranean aesthetic include arched doorways, fine gold details, light wood tones and rattan elements that add to the vacation vibe.

Złoty łuk prowadzi do salonu

Arches, textures and light wood tones allude to the Mediterranean climate

© NOVO Architects

In addition to aesthetics, the inspiration of the interiors and architecture of the local area influenced the functional layout itself, which was kept in the form of an open space which, with a kind of "total" bright interior, influenced its total perception, and was emphasized by the obtained play of artificial and daylight. A reference to the climate of southern Croatia is also made by linen wallpaper, micro-cement in a sandy shade and the most literal element of the story - an exotic palm plant located in a high atrium that is the dominant feature of the space in terms of volume. All these elements, combined with a style close to minimalism, allowed us to achieve an interior that meets the expectations set for it.

Przestrzeń kuchni

bright kitchen space with a kitchen island

© NOVO Architekci

Dobrawa: For whom was the space designed? What did the work start with? Did the investors have any specific requirements?

Andrzej Leja: The space was designed for a couple of dynamic, young people with a passion for travel, it is located in a single-family home, and the drafting of the design, as well as the implementation, was divided into stages due to the considerable floor space. The work began with a discussion of aesthetic and functional expectations, preceded, as always during our design process, by a brief for the investor. Subsequent stages proceeded as a clarification and deepening of the solutions adopted in the initial phase - in short, from general assumptions to solutions of both aesthetic and functional details. The overriding requirement of the investors was certainly to combine their expectations and needs in an effective and impressive way, keeping the interior in an extremely original style, maintaining consistency.

Salon z fotelem RM58

The living room features RM58 armchairs

© NOVO Architects

Dobrawa: In the visualizations, in addition to the light tones and fine materials, the characteristic element of the design is the RM58 armchair, a contemporary version of thearmchair by Roman Modzelewski. Where did this decision come from?

Andrzej Leja: We wanted the armchair used in the interior to accent the space both in terms of form and color, so we needed an expressive piece of furniture that is a kind of design icon. Because of the soft form and this iconicity, we decided to use RM58 armchairs, not without significance here was also the location of the investment, not far from Lodz, with which Roman Modzelewski was associated, being the author of the unique design that is RM58.

Widok na salon i kuchnie domu

The functional layout has been kept in the form of an open space

© NOVO Architekci

Dobrawa: How to arrange the space of an apartment/house if we want to achieve visual consistency?

Andrzej Leja: If we want visual coherence in the designed interior, we must direct the functional layout from the very beginning to emphasize it. Form and aesthetics are the tools with which we imbue this space, but in a restrained manner in terms of the interior elements and materials used. It is very important here to clearly define the main color scheme and material solutions, and their repetition in different forms and applications, so as not to fall into spatial monotony in consistency. This kind of interior requires from us both a very artistic approach, directed at the whole composition perceived by the users, and a functional one due to the need to solve technical and storage issues in a way that is hidden, not drawing attention, camouflaged, but at the same time functioning properly.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Dobrawa Bies

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