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Eclectic apartment with olive accents designed by Finchstudio

02 of February '21

Iga Koperska and Magdalena Kwoczka of the Finchstudio studio created an eclectic yet modern interior for an apartment in Wroclaw. The architects used natural materials for the arrangement. The parquets, furniture and doors are wooden. Lamps, handles and hardware made of brass add a golden glow. The hallway and bathrooms have handmade cement tiles, and the walls are decorated with plaster stucco.

Wnętrze salonu
z dużymi oknami

Spacious living room with balcony

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont © Finchstudio

Work on the project went well from the beginning. The investors trusted our intuition, were open to unconventional solutions, allowed a lot of craziness. But they were also perfectly aware of their own requirements and needs. They expected the use of natural materials. Such that are resistant both to the passage of time and to the changeability of fashions, because they age beautifully [...]. Hence, in the interior we used, among others, floors made of wood and cement tiles, veneered furniture, a kitchen countertop made of flamed granite or brass handles, furniture legs and a rail at the bathroom cabinet," says Iga Koperska.

An interesting element of the interior is the coffered doors, inspired by old woodwork. The architects gave them a modernized form - without an upper band. This translated into considerable implementation challenges. Already at the stage of demolition work, the designers had to take into account the removal of lintels and the perfect leveling of the ceiling. As a result, the interiors appear higher than they really are and more spacious.

z tapicerowaną wnęką Fragment holu

Upholstered alcove in the lobby

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont © Finchstudio

Those entering the apartment are greeted by a small, but very impressively resolved lobby. Between a pair of doors leading to the bedroom and the study there is an upholstered recess with a seat, making it easier, among other things, to put on or take off shoes, and underneath it is hidden a litter box for the cat.

Otwarta kuchnia
połączona z salonem

An openwork wall of wooden laths lightly covers the kitchen

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont © Finchstudio

Turning from the hall to the right, we move to the living area - the living room with the kitchen. The lounge area is dominated by a sofa with goose feather upholstery. Next to it stood a woven Chippendale-style armchair, found at an antique market. Interestingly, there is no TV here - the sofa faces the windows with a beautiful view. When the hosts want to watch a movie, a roll-up screen rises from the ceiling and the projector is turned on. The investors wanted to shield the open kitchen - an openwork wall of wooden laths appeared next to the island. Slightly above the worktop made of flamed granite, there was a small wooden bar.

modern eclecticism

z kolekcją plakatów na ścianie

A study with a collection of graphics on the wall

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont © Finchstudio

The investors work at home, for this reason each of them had to get a separate study. This role is played by two small bedrooms - one turned into an intimate place for individual work, and the other creates a space for several-person meetings. Next to the kitchen one passes into the larger of the two offices. The character of the interior is defined by a wallpaper that mimics an old gravure. It combines massive wooden furniture, design from different eras and much of the extensive collection of posters, paintings, prints and photographs into a cohesive whole.

Art runs through all rooms, but here we have an exceptionally large collection. This interior perhaps best reflects the character of the investor couple. Modern eclecticism is very close to us as well," adds Iga Koperska.

hidden doors

Wnętrze zielonej

Green and gold reign in the bathroom

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont © Finchstudio

In the left wall of the hall, covered with mirrors, there is a hidden door. They lead to a large bathroom, intended exclusively for the use of the hosts. Situated opposite the entrance, the cabinet is distinguished by a semicircular corner and a railing going around it. This solution makes it possible to neatly juxtapose the piece of furniture with the neighboring bathtub. The embellishments also appear in the varied forms of lamps, the rosettes of the fixtures, the handles of the furniture and the large mirror over the sink. On the floor of both the large bathroom and the lobby, the architects opted for patterned tiles designed by David Rockwell. These are traditional cement tiles that age beautifully, changing color.

olive bedroom

z oliwkową ścianą Płycinowa ściana
w sypialni

A bedroom with a paneled wall in olive color

Photo credit: Alexandra Dermont © Finchstudio

Adjacent to the bathroom is an olive-colored bedroom. On the background of the elegantly paneled wall stood a contemporary wooden bed, referring to the modernism of the 1950s and 1960s. The layout of the stucco was matched to the dimensions of the furniture and the lighting elements - small gold sconces. The accent is provided by the form of sliding closet doors. The rhythm of the divisions makes the wings look light, despite their large format, and the light wood used combines modern development with vintage-style elements.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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