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Spring in the apartment. Interior full of color by Dziurdzia Projekt

01 of February '21

The middle of winter. Probably never as much as now we need color. Strong accents and bold contrasts are becoming more common in public interiors. We have found that color and minimalism can go hand in hand. This time we look into an apartment by Dziurdzia Projekt, full of balanced colors and strong accents.

Minimalism and saturated colors

It turns out that also in the design of modern private interiors, vivid colors are increasingly bold. Saturated colors and strong accents do not exclude the simplicity and functionalism desired by most designers. Minimalism goes hand in hand with color! It's not just grays and concrete finishes anymore - it'sbalance, modesty and color harmony. In the apartment designed by Dziurdzia Projekt, simplicity does not exclude colors. Already from the entrance, we are surprised by an extremely vivid orange, which is not hidden in modest accessories, but covers the entire hallway. The same energetic color was painted on the door to the bedroom, thus creating a uniform space, optically larger than it really is. The hallway is also memorable for its spacious arch-shaped passage to the living room. The open space provides access to daylight. Against the orange wall, there is an original chest of drawers with a mirror in a contrasting cobalt color.

Dziurdzia Projekt | RIGHT STAGES | photo by PION photography

mild mint

The living area, in opposition to the corridor, provides the residents with tranquility and an ideal place for relaxation. The walls are covered with mint, mild color tones, which harmonize perfectly with the faded pastels of the sofa seats. The only strong accents of the living room are accessories, consistent with the color scheme of the apartment, posters, vases, decorative glass. High windows and bright colors make the room full of light. The atmosphere is created by the varied textures of the walls and finishing materials. Wipes and shorts add character to the pale surroundings.

Dziurdzia Projekt | RIGHT STAGES | photo by PION photography

transition to green

The faded, slightly dusty colors of the living room gradually gain intensity in the kitchenette area. There, the walls were lined with green, glossy tiles imitating small bricks. The same motif was repeated on the kitchen island. Color, as a strong interior accent, dominates the other accessories here. The designers opted for simple decorative accents. Among them, above the kitchen countertop was a unique model of the Miss Flexy lamp . Other spaces are illuminated by systems from the SternLight brand, practical and almost invisible, blending with the surface of the ceiling.

Moving on to the bedroom, we fall into soft blues. The mint gradually fades, making room for blue and cobalt accessories. Calm colors allow for tranquility. A strong, characterful accent is the hanging black lamps. The furniture was kept in classic white with cobalt finishes.

Dziurdzia Projekt | STAWKI RIGHT | photo by PION fotografia

Dziurdzia Projekt | STAWKI RIGHT | fot PION fotografia

strong accents

Cobalt is also repeated in the bathroom. This is the most classic interior of all the spaces. The designers opted for marble tiles and black flush-mounted fixtures. However, even this seemingly simple bathroom interior does not remain boring thanks to color accents. Recurring colors have been smuggled in here as well, in the form of a cobalt cabinet and color-consistent accessories such as porcelain and towels.

Dziurdzia Projekt | RIGHT STAGES | photo by PION photography

personalized spaces

The project by Dziurdzia Projekt proves that contemporary domestic minimalism has long since left the framework of boring concrete and simple wooden finishes. Beiges and grays are great, but they're not the only recipe for funkiness in a space. You can boldly combine energetic colors, introduce varied textures, while not abandoning minimalism. The key is to organize the space, and not necessarily give up character. Crazy orange combined with mint can give energy and tranquility to the residents, others may not like it at all. Modernity does not mean universality. Colors and textures define a space, as well as how we feel in it. Let's use them, look for our own solutions, and the apartment, like the space by Dziurdzia Projekt, will gain a unique character tailored to its inhabitants.

Marta Kowalska

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