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Eclectic solutions - a suburban interior

24 of February '22

Green surroundings in the suburbs of Warsaw became the place where the investors decided to create a dream family place. Next to a wooded area well connected to the city center, they decided to realize a unique private space. They enlisted the help of the Art'Up studio to help with the interior design.

salon koresponduje
z kolorystyką klatki schodowej

The living room corresponds with the color scheme of the staircase

Photo: Ład Studio, © Art'Up

After many years of searching for a place for the house, having an idea of its body and the way it should be shaped, the investors decided to proceed with the organization of the interior - in which they were looking for eclectic solutions, combining elements in the classical spirit with modernity.

I had a hard nut to crack, because I took over the project after a person with whom the owners did not quite find a common b. In the interiors there were classical finishing elements, such as stucco. I like to use solutions such as coffered flooring, stucco and woodwork kept in the classical spirit, but I always juxtapose them with contemporary furnishings and modern lighting," says Piotr Lucyan of the Art'Up studio.

Istotnym elementem wnętrza
były drewniane posadzki

An important element of the interior were wooden floors

Photo Ład Studio, © Art'Up

entering the house

The first room you see upon entering the house is the vestibule by the front door. Crisp, dark blue walls were used here. On one of them hangs a unique mirror designed by Oskar Zięta. Navy blue colors contrast with white.

kolorem przykuwającym uwagę
po wejściu do domu jest nasycony granat

The color that catches the eye upon entering the house is saturated navy blue

Photo: Ład Studio, © Art'Up

After passing through the vestibule, a wall finished in gold color with a Japanese cherry tree motif - made by Italian artists - catches the eye. The wall completely dominates the space upon entering the house. The stone staircase opposite the wall has a balustrade made of metal and lacquered brass - its shape, together with the balustrade, is a delicate reference to the Art-Deco style. A painting by Roman Mazanek has been hung halfway up the stairs.

Wykonane z kamienia
schody połączone zostały metalowymi balustradami

Made of stone, the stairs are connected by metal balustrades

photo Ład Studio, © Art'Up

looking for inspiration for other interiors

All the rooms of the suburban residence were customized to reflect the owners' individual needs. On the first floor, an open living area was organized, with a piano, on which one of the household members plays in his free time, placed in a central place between the living room and the dining room. It was important to differentiate functions - on the first floor it was decided to create a more private space.

przestrzeń dzienna
i nocna w pokoju syna właścicieli przedzielona została czarną meblościanką

The living and night space in the owners' son's room was divided by a black wall unit

Photo Ład Studio, © Art'Up

On the first floor there was a complex of rooms intended for the owners ' son - next to the room there is a separate bathroom and a dressing room. The interior is divided into a living and night area by a black openwork furniture wall. The interior is dominated by light browns, black and white.

The functional layout of the floor was not changed by the architect. A guest room and an additional bathroom are adjacent to the son's area, along with a bedroom and a dressing room. The intention of the investors was to calm this space, to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation to accompany the private part. They opted for a soft, subdued color palette and soft delicate accessories. An important material appearing in all interiors is stone.

kamień jest elementem
pojawiającym się we wszystkich wnętrzach

Stone is an element appearing in all interiors

Photo: Ład Studio, © Art'Up

In this project I had the pleasure of working with very conscious and committed investors. They placed a lot of trust in me and accepted all ideas, with the golden wall at the forefront. I'm very happy, because I wanted their home to be the beginning of a story they could tell," recalls the period of work on the interior by Piotr Lucyan of the Art'Up studio.

sypialnia jest utrzymana
w delikatnych tonach

The bedroom is kept in soft tones

Photo: Ład Studio, © Art'Up

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