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Maciek Choinski - "FOLK concept - adaptation project of the granary".

11 of April '23
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2021
Name: "FOLK concept - adaptation project of granary".
Author: Maciek „Maćko” Choiński
University: Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Dr. Barbara Kowalewska, Prof. of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Dr. Elżbieta Myjak-Sokołowska (annex).

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Design Diploma 2021/2023".

FOLK concept is a summary of several years of scientific and research activities concerning the rural architectural fabric. The theme of the countryside has recently gone beyond the current framework and has become an even more important element affecting identity and origin than before.

FOLK concept, elewacja frontowa

FOLK concept, front elevation

vision: Atty. Studio © Maciek Choiński

Because of my Podlasie roots, I have always been passionate about the local crafts and architecture. In 2016, I wrote a research paper entitled. „Decorative concrete blocks in northeastern Mazovia” for the national architectural journal Architecturae et Artibus. In it, I describe the topic of ornamentation of masonry buildings in the field of ornamental concrete blocks, which were handmade by rural people, which is rare in the literature of the subject and practically absent from the scientific discourse.

Rodzaje pustaków reliefowych

types of relief blocks

© Maciek Choiński

To this day they form the character and appearance of the Polish countryside. Unfortunately, such buildings are deteriorating and disappearing from the rural landscape. The best way to counteract this process may be the FOLK concept, my idea of how to keep such buildings in the rural space, responding to current needs.

FOLK concept, video

vision: Atty. Studio © Maciek Choiński

The goal of the project is to give a second life to the buildings through sustainable adaptation, preserving their original form and details, and adapting them for new use as a public place where local communities can socialize.

FOLK concept, plan zagospodarowania terenu

FOLK concept, site plan

© Maciek Choiński

The massing under study has become a major element influencing visual perception in both architecture, interior design and landscape, creating a new contemporary character for the site. The concept envisages the creation of an integrative and educational space, which will allow the public to have direct contact with craft and creative activities in the form of ceramic workshops.

FOLK concept, rzut parteru

FOLK concept, first floor plan

© Maciek Choiński

The concept of the project assumes a pro-ecological approach to environmental protection through the use of modern solutions in line with the assumptions of sustainable and circular design. It aims to reduce needs and space, use renewable energy, use ecological or recycled products, reuse them in the future, and have a small or zero carbon footprint.

FOLK concept, rozwiązania projektowe

FOLK concept, design solutions

© Maciek Choiński

It is intended that the structural layer of the buildings will be ECO blocks made from bio ash, while the thermal insulation layer will be thermo hemp. The facade of the buildings will be covered with recycled relief blocks, emphasizing the idea of the project.

FOLK concept, w krajobrazie zastosowano półprzepuszczalne posadzki betonowe zwiększające mikroretencję wody na działce

FOLK concept, the landscape uses semi-permeable concrete floors to increase micro-retention of water on the plot

vision: Atty. Studio © Maciek Choiński

The concept also includes the use of a solar roof and recycled wooden facade boards. They will be tanned using the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method to achieve the desired color. This technique allows for increased durability and protection from fungi and pests for at least fifty-six years.

FOLK concept, elewacja

FOLK concept, facade

© Maciek Choiński

The method used does not block gas exchange, so the rooms have a favorable microclimate. The roof of the building will be covered with standing seam metal sheets and surface photovoltaic panels. The ridge windows will additionally feature solar awnings with a solar battery.

Koncepcja przewiduje stworzenie przestrzeni integracyjno-edukacyjnej

The concept provides for the creation of an integration and educational space

© Maciek Choiński

The interiors of the building in the concept will be painted, among other things, with clay paints that self-regulate humidity and temperature in the rooms. The landscape uses semi-permeable concrete floors to increase the micro-retention of water on the plot. Most of the materials use the idea of upcycling and are recycled.

FOLK concept, przekrój A-A

FOLK concept, cross-section A-A

© Maciek Choiński

The project has a nationwide scope and, in addition to using ecological principles, building a sustainable and inclusive future, promotes works of folk art, treasures of the cultural heritage of Podlasie and Mazovia.

Idea projektu zakłada proekologiczne podejście do ochrony środowiska

The idea of the project assumes a pro-ecological approach to environmental protection

vision: Atty. Studio © Maciek Choiński

FOLK concept in 2022 won the main prize in the international competition New European Bauhaus Prizes 2022 in the category Rising Stars under 30.


Illustrations: © Author

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