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A studio apartment in sunny shades. Functional interior by Projektyw studio

11 of May '22
Technical data
Name: studio apartment on Wroclawska Street
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Cracow
Studio: Projektyw
Architect: Paulina Zwolak-Nowak
Photography: Maja Bulkowska
Area: 27 m²
Implementation: 2022

Paulina Zwolak-Nowak of the Projektyw studio is the author of the interior of a Krakow studio apartment. The motif of this apartment designed for a single is the sunny brick color and practical solutions. Attention is drawn to the bedroom placed in a specially separated space, which can be hidden behind a velour curtain and a sliding door. The design is complemented by custom-made furniture - made of natural wood and terrazzo and a large number of mirrors.

Zabudowa kuchenna odbija się w lustrach Stolik z blatem z lastriko

All the furniture in the apartment, including the table, was made to individual order

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

Despite the small size, the architect took care of the storage space thanks to the use of numerous built-in cabinets. All the furniture in the apartment, including the table, was made to individual order. The table top was made of terrazzo tiles, and the frame and plate stand were made by a locksmith. In the apartment, instead of a TV, an overhead projector and a screen appeared - so movies can be watched while lying on the bed. Also the bathroom is kept in a warm brick color scheme.

Widok na salon Sypialnia we wnęce

The investor wanted an original interior

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

interview with Paulina Zwolak-Nowak

Dobrawa Bies: The realization we are talking about is a small studio apartment designed for a single. Weren't you worried that the use of intense colors would optically diminish the space?

Paulina Zwolak-Nowak: I was not afraid of a strong color scheme in the apartment. From the beginning, the investor and I knew that we wanted to create an uncommon interior. The brick color turned out to be a hit. Thanks to bold design procedures, we managed to get an original interior with character.

Rzut krakowskiej kawalerki

The architectwas ke en to achieve full functionality of the apartment

© Projektyw

Dobrawa: What did you start the project with?

Paulina: I started the project by getting to know the needs and expectations of the client. I was keen to achieve full functionality in this micro apartment. With the separation of the intimate space, which is the bedroom, and the living space. The first design stage was to look for the ideal functional layout.

Dobrawa: With what requirements did the investor approach you?

Paulina: In a way, the investor gave me a free hand. He wanted a lot of storage space and an unorthodox interior design.

Sypialnia za przesuwnymi drzwiami Wnętrze sypialni

In a lockable alcove there is a bedroom

© Projektyw

Dobrawa: An interesting solution is a bedroom separated behind a sliding door. Please tell us about the solutions and materials used.

Paulina: I came up with the idea of creating an alcove, which I imagined from the beginning, as a space that can be somehow "slipped out" from the rest of the apartment, while keeping it fully illuminated. Hence the use of glass sliding doors with steel hardware and a velour curtain, which allows us to completely separate the space. With sliding doors, we can also integrate the bedroom with the living room, without taking up any of its space. For example, watching a movie in bed, projected on a screen lowered from the ceiling in the living/dining room space. The other wall of our bedroom alcove is finished with mirrors, which optically enlarges the apartment space, creating an additional interesting visual effect, as more of the apartment is reflected in them. In addition, we also have a clothes closet cleverly hidden in the row of mirrors.

Fragment kuchni Ceglana łazienka

The entire decor is kept in a consistent color scheme

© Projektyw

Dobrawa: The way to arrange a small space is?

Paulina: An open mind and the ability to separate zones that intermingle, complement each other and remain multifunctional.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Dobrawa Bies

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