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An idea for cozy and functional home interiors - the realization of Mikolajska studio

09 of March '20

This elegant interior in the northern part of Krakow managed to combine an atmosphere of family warmth with functionality.

Spread over three floors, the 160-square-meter space had to not only accommodate four people, but also respond to their individual needs. Thus, a living area was created on the first floor, bedrooms for two children and a study on the first floor, and a master bedroom in the attic. Special emphasis was placed on unobtrusive storage. And indeed - looking at photos of the interior, it's not easy to spot "masked" cabinets and closets. The studio opted for dark colors of blue, combined, however, with white that brightens the space and gold that warms it up.

We wanted the interiors to be cozy and intimate despite the use of cool colors. This was made possible by design elements such as the upholstered wall behind the bed in the bedroom and the curtains wrapping the living room. The space is also warmed by accents of golden yellow and brass-colored details," says Ida Mikolajska, co-owner of the studio.

Photo: Jakub Dziedzic

The first floor of the house included both children's bedrooms, a study that was not in the original design, a laundry room and a bathroom. The master bedroom located in the attic proved to be a special challenge, primarily because of the slanted roof. Originally, the top floor was to play the role of a utility room, but the owners wanted a private space. The designers separated it to accommodate a bathroom with a glass door, allowing light to flow through. As a whole, it constitutes the most intimate part of the house. This impression is also emphasized by small design elements. A niche lined with upholstered "rollers" was built in the wall behind the bed, additionally gently illuminated.

The designers have succeeded in creating a family space in which each household member will find his place.


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