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"Wyspianski" in Cracow's National Museum - NArchitekTURA arrangements

10 of March '20

The concept for the two exhibitions at the National Museum in Cracow devoted to the works of Stanisław Wyspiański was created by the NArchitekTURA studio, whose work enriched the aesthetic experience accompanying the visit and the reception of art. An example is the main entrance to the Wyspianski exhibition, which resembles a plant portal transporting the viewer to another world.

It seems that the architects have deeply immersed themselves in the artist's work, not forgetting his extraordinary versatility. One can find theatrical, architectural and artistic inspirations in the way of arrangement. The very vestibule to the "Wyspianski" exhibition is a quotation of the artist's painterly style presented in a contemporary form. At times, the exhibition space gives the impression of a stage set, which situates the viewer in a specific context, allowing him to more fully perceive the works.

"Wyspianski" National Museum in Krakow
photo: Jakub Certowicz

In turn, in the exhibition "Wyspiański. Unknown" designers created, among other things, the artist's library, which the museum purchased from his wife in 1910. They gave it an organic form, thanks to the lines of the rounded walls. The exhibition concept was not lacking in drama - the architects designed a red room used to show only the artist's last diary and atmospheric lighting.
Despite their efficiency, both arrangements left plenty of space for the exhibits themselves, making the tour resemble a walk through Stanislaw Wyspianski's artistic life. The exhibit was most impressive when there were not many visitors in the museum. Meeting alone with the large-format works, or exhibits enclosed in more intimate spaces, allowed for closer contact with Wyspianski's art.
For its arrangements of both exhibitions, the NArchtekTURA studio received first place in this year's SAW Interior of the Year competition in the Public Interior category.
You can read more about the exhibition designs in the October 2018 issue of our monthly magazine and here.


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