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Classic interior broken by modernity. Design of a comfortable house for a family by VNdesign

07 of June '21
Technical data
Name: House for a family of three in Krakow
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Cracow
Studio: VNdesign
Architect: Wioletta Niedziela-Bogusz
Beata Siwulska
Photography: Przemysław Kuciński

Project implementation:


It was supposed to be a loft, and what came out was a classic in a modern edition, broken with blue and gold. Such a project was the result of a fruitful compromise between the owner of a house in Cracow and architect Wioletta Niedziela-Bogusz. Here is a harmonious and comfortable interior for a family of three.

A fruitful compromise between the owner and the architect

The interior of the 190-square-meter Krakow semi-detached house, which was designed by Wioletta Niedziala-Bogusz of VNdesign, was not initially supposed to look like the pictures. The owner, who took only his collection of paintings from the old place, aimed for a loft style, assumedly far from the harmony and coziness associated with classical interiors. The new house was to be dominated by austerity, with blinds hanging in the windows instead of curtains, and the leading decorative material was to be glass. And most importantly: no gold!

However, contrary to the well-known saying "Our client, our master", the architect decided to dissuade the investor from realizing his vision. How? She explained that the loft style would not harmonize in the long run with the needs of all the household members. Secondly, using the example of interiors in other houses on the estate, she proved that the proposed solutions would not look favorable.

Many of the semi-detached houses we looked at were decorated precisely in loft style, but the arrangements were not always the right ones. I wanted the interior not only to stand out from the rest of the houses, but above all to harmonize with the character of the householders," says Wioletta Niedziela-Bogusz.

These arguments convinced the owner to design a classic interior with luxurious and modern elements, in the creation of which he took an important part.

harmony and comfort

The final result was a harmonious, functional and comfortable space, adapted to the needs and lifestyle of the three household members: a married couple with a child.

W jadalni i salonie architektka zaaranżowała miejsce spotkań na wielu osób

The main inspiration for the architect were paintings by prominent Polish painters, which the owner has

Photo: Przemyslaw Kucinski

Let's start from the beginning: the main room on the first floor of the house, and also the largest in the entire building, is a large living room connected with the dining room and kitchen. Gray in various shades prevails there, hosted on the walls and furniture. It is broken by colorful accessories in the form of pillows, blue curtains and paintings by Kazimierz Drejas, Krzysztof Kajder and Jerzy Nowosielski. The works of art, even perfectly, fit into the character of the interior!

These paintings, being of sentimental value to the owner, became the motto for this project," the architect revealed.

Minimalistyczna lampa nad stołem nadaje wnętrzu nowoczesności

On the wall in the dining room, the painting "Swimmer" by Jerzy Nowosielski.

Photo: Przemyslaw Kucinski

A large corner provides space for relaxing and receiving guests. There is also a large table with chairs - ready for family dinners and dinners with friends. The classic character of the whole room is complemented by the kitchen built-in with stylish finishes.

Instead of white light gray, blue and gold

Light gray is the dominant color not only in the living room, but throughout the house. The architect suggested it instead of white, which the owner had previously insisted on. It is broken by blue accessories, including in the form of curtains, chair seats, pillows and a headrest. Blue also graced the staircase, where the wall was covered with wallpaper in geometric patterns.

Only in one room Wioletta Niedziela-Bogusz put a strong, dark accent. In the bedroom, behind the bed, appeared black wallpaper with delicate light patterns. It harmonizes with other accessories in this color scheme: bedspread, pillows and bedside tables.

Sypialnia z czernym motywem na ścianie

The black motif on the wall emphasizes the elegance of the interior

Photo: Przemyslaw Kucinski

The modern character of all the rooms in the house is given by the wildly fashionable minimalist lamps. An important role in the overall design is played by delicate wooden motifs - the top of the kitchen table, the stairs and handrail, the window and chair frames. They warm up the interior.

Funkcjonalnie zaprojektowana zabudowa kuchenna powiększa optycznie przesztrzeń

The functionally designed kitchen cabinets optically enlarge the space.

Photo: Przemyslaw Kucinski

Here and there you can also find golden, elegant accessories, against which the owner was initially antagonistic. But the power of persuasion of the architect won again!

bath salon

There are as many as three bathrooms in the house, but one is particularly impressive, as it has been arranged as an elegant bath salon. A free-standing bathtub plays the main fiddle in it, and blue curtains add character and originality to the interior. It was also an unusual solution to install a lamp over the bathtub. However, this was done taking into account all safety requirements. The bathroom also did not lack functional solutions - a large storage cabinet and a capacious cabinet under the sink.

Salon kąpielowy z oryginalnym rozwiązaniem w postaci zasłon

Bathroom living room with an original solution in the form of curtains

Photo: Przemyslaw Kucinski

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