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Metamorphosis of an apartment in a 1950s Warsaw townhouse

Dobrawa Bies
07 of June '21
Technical data
Name: apartment in warsaw tenement
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Architects: Anna Olga Chmielewska, Jola Skóra, Agnieszka Warnowska
Area: 45 m²
Number of rooms: 3
Photos: Jola Leather
Interior styling: Anna Olga Chmielewska


  • design
  • implementation


Spacious, well thought out and full of light. This is the apartment in one of Warsaw's 1950s tenement houses, which recently underwent quite a transformation. Its small area of 45 square meters posed an architectural challenge. Anna Olga Chmielewska, Jola Skóra and Agnieszka Warnowska from the design and creative agency JAM KOLEKTYW, made a metamorphosis of the interior and brought out the potential of the apartment, increasing its functionality.

The owner of the apartment bought it a few years ago, all of it was equipped with equipment from the 1980s and needed a general renovation. Designers from JAM KOLEKTYW suggested two solutions to the investor. The first consisting in refreshing the interior while maintaining the old wall layout, and the second involving a comprehensive metamorphosis and rearrangement of the rooms. The owner opted for a general renovation with a well-planned layout. Thus, the resulting interiors are maintained in soft, subdued colors, and a large amount of sunlight makes the space seem much larger.

w kamienicy z lat 50. XX wieku

The architects completely changed the interior of the apartment from the 1950s

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

potential of the space

The investor wanted the apartment to be used for rent, so the goal of the metamorphosis was, among other things, to increase comfort. The owner wanted to bring out the potential of the space, better plan the function of the rooms while maximizing the use of usable space. Thanks to the reconstruction, which included the demolition and relocation of some partition walls, the interior has changed beyond recognition. Previously, there were only two rooms, but the proportions and the arrangement of the windows indicated a significant arrangement potential. The architects designed a common living area - with a kitchen, dining room and lounge area - and two rooms. Thanks to this division, the property can be rented both for residential purposes and for comfortable, intimate offices or coworking space.

w oliwkowym kolorze Przestrzeń do pracy

The interiors are kept in soft, subdued colors

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

colors conducive to tranquility

The interiors have been kept in a light, natural color palette conducive to tranquility. The dominant color is the white of the walls, while shades of brown, beige and olive green consistently appear in the accessories and furniture. The apartment contains only the necessary, carefully selected furnishings, making this small space seem more spacious. The designers also managed to salvage and refresh the old oak parquet floor, and microcement flooring was laid in the living area, lobby and toilet.

łazienka Kompaktowy zlew

The bathroom is kept in shades of gray, black and white

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

bathroom metamorphosis

The room that has undergone the biggest metamorphosis is the bathroom. The architects opted for minimalism in shades of gray, black and white. Due to its small size, designing this interior was not one of the easiest tasks, but the designers were up to the task, placing here all the necessary equipment - an elegant toilet, a large sink and a comfortable shower. The washbasin placed on a dark gray, minimalist geometric-shaped cabinet is a strong accent in the room. The size of the toilet, suspended on a concealed rack, makes it a perfect fit for the small interior. The room features a shower with a cubicle with chrome details, and the whole is complemented by a large oval mirror with a thin black frame. Due to the small volume in the bathroom, the washing machine was abandoned, which was placed in a built-in piece of furniture in the hall. This treatment saved valuable space and created a comfortable home spa area.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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