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A terraced house in a different way. Design from Zuga Design

Helena Postawka-Lech
03 of November '20

Asingle-family home is a frequent choice of families with children. The possibility of a separate space for everyone, a small garden or, finally, a location close to schools and stores are common advantages of single-family housing. This is also the case in Komorniki, near Poznań, where the interior of a single-family house was designed by Anna Krug and her team from Zuga Design.

Although the house belongs to a completely ordinary single-family terraced house, the design of its interior promises to be extraordinary. The designers from Zuga Design tried to reflect the individual character of the residents. Anna Krug describes the design process this way:

We began this process as we do every one, by getting to know the future residents in order to propose solutions that would respond to the owners' expectations, but we usually invite clients to step out of their safe zone, sometimes encouraging color, other times a differently applied fabric, wood on the ceiling or a bold pattern on the walls.

Zuga Design Zuga Desing

bathrooms: guest and household

© Zuga Design

"wow" effect

In this case, it has succeeded. The element that draws attention to itself is the large-format wallpaper with flower motifs. They were applied in the living room and in the guest bathroom. The idea appealed so much that the clients themselves called it a "wow" effect. The large, overscaled flowers are indeed impressive. In the living room, where the colors are more subdued, a monochromatic graphic was used. In the toilet, you'll see flowers from 18th-century Dutch still lifes: a generous bouquet of pastel flowers on a black background.

Zuga Design

living room open to kitchen

© Zuga Design

above all, comfort

However, this showy treatment did not obscure the most important goal of the project: to create a functional space for four people on 90 m². In order not to darken the rooms, a light interior color scheme was used. Oak flooring harmonizes with the dominant earth colors in the interior. The wall panels are an interesting decoration of the interior in a minimalist style. To add a homely, more traditional touch to the whole, milled fronts were used in the kitchen.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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