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How to decorate the perfect bedroom? Some hints

25 of June '20

The bedroom is a special place in our house, different from the others. Although most of the daytime is not spent here, sleep and its quality depends, among other things, on the comfort and mood of the room. It is here that we cut ourselves off from the world, regenerate ourselves to start the next day with energy. How to decorate the perfect bedroom? You need to pay attention to several aspects!

Properly selected furniture and practical accessories will make it easy to create an interior in which an intimate atmosphere will go hand in hand with comfort and functionality.

Bedroom space

What to pay attention to when planning a bedroom? We choose the place for the bed not only in relation to the window (to have good light) and the door (to ensure privacy), but also in relation to the rest of the interior. It is crucial to have comfortable access to it, and at the same time to be able to use the other furniture freely. Therefore, the bedside table must be matched in height to the bed, and the closets located so that we can open them comfortably, while the drawers in the dresser can be pulled out freely.

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The most important thing is to make sure there is comfortable space around the furniture for getting up every day

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In small rooms, cabinets with folding doors will be invaluable. Thanks to them we will gain valuable space. If we give up traditional doors in favor of sliding solutions, we will find that the room suddenly has much more space. In smaller rooms, it is worth placing the bed in a corner or pointing the longer side parallel to the wall - this will ensure optimal use of space. The most important thing is to make sure that there is a comfortable space around the furniture for getting up every day. And what about the size of the bed? The length is chosen according to your height, while the width - depending on the number of users. A bed for one person must be min. 90 cm, for two - 160 cm. However, if you have space to spare, it's worth adding a few centimeters!

your space in the bedroom

Even in a bedroom that you share with another person, it is worth designating a private space. Our own corner for daily use will help us to separate, for example, a dressing table. It can be not only a place where we take care of our appearance every day - it is worthchoosing a dressing table, which can easily be transformed into a comfortable desk. Thanks to this solution, we can quickly turn the bedroom into a home office when we want to cut ourselves off from the rest of the household and work in concentration. At that time, when the whole family is at home, the bedroom can also be our refuge during the day. Let's also think about adding some life to the space and ourselves - for example, through plants. These will not only become a striking decoration, but also positively affect our mood, help to relax and unwind.

Climate in the bedroom

When arranging a bedroom, especially one that will also be our workplace from time to time, it is important to remember the right accessories and lighting. An original lamp will come in handy during evening reading, and will also be a valuable decoration of the room. Remember that in maintaining balance and inner peace it is always helpful to have order around us. Therefore, a moody bedroom is one in which we are not distracted by unnecessary objects, and are surrounded by things we really need. The rest we hide in cabinets, drawers or in the dresser.

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An atmospheric bedroom is one in which we are not distracted by unnecessary objects, and are surrounded by things we really need

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If we spend consecutive days in the same environment, sometimes a slight modification of it can work wonders. It's enough to slightly rearrange the bedroom, rearrange the furniture or move something to another room, creating a corner for ourselves to practice yoga, for example. We can replace the curtains or add a decorative element. We can cover the wall behind the headboard of the bed with more decorative wallpaper - none of these actions require a cumbersome renovation.

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