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Social Seagull in Sopot - you have to be here! Asymetric studio project

24 of June '20

Being in Sopot, you can't miss visiting some key places - the Sopot pier, the lighthouse, the Society Gull... In this musical and culturalplace anchored on the map of the Tricity, you can not only have a good time, but also feel the atmosphere of Cuban rhythms. Good music, neon signs, graphics of Polish artists and inspiration from Havana. Come to Mewa!

Wioletta Chmielewska and Jakub Bałanda - architects from Asymetric studio in cooperation with Marek K ruk from Kruk Rasztawicki Architekci studio refreshed the interior of the well-known in the Tri-City Sopot club Mewa Towarzyska. The strong colors dominating the various parts of the club emphasize the various functions of the space, and the works of Polish graphic designers Aleksandra Morawiak and Iza Kaczmarek-Szurek adorning the walls of the toilets perfectly harmonize with the reddish neon sign "Better won't happen."

Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for this project?
Jakub Bałanda: The main inspiration for this project was Cuban Havana with its intense colors, bustle and omnipresent opposites. Contemporary solutions and authorial details embedded in the historical fabric capture the atmosphere of a city that stopped in time in the middle of the last century.

Mewa Towarzyska w Sopocie - w kubańskich klimatach

Cuban Havana with its intense colors, bustle and omnipresent opposites

Photo: Tom Kurek

Basia: What were the investor's expectations?
Jakub: In view of the fact that the club has been operating successfully for 7 years, the investor was not interested in creating the place from scratch, with a new concept - it was more about refreshing the formula. The club has become a permanent fixture on the night map of Tri-City, and a complete change of aesthetics could scare off regulars, who above all appreciate a casual and friendly atmosphere. Therefore, the main layout of the rooms has been preserved, and the characteristic elements of the interior have been additionally exposed so as to refer to the place's past.

Basia: Where did the idea for such a selection of colors and materials come from?
James: The loose inspiration came from the colors, textures and materials that can be found on a typical Havana street. The deteriorating facades, where you can still see remnants of cornices and rustications, scraps of the original color scheme, and the spirit of the former splendor for which Havana was famous. Also worth mentioning is the rich vegetation that is an integral part of the local landscape. With this in mind, we tried to synthesize all these elements and give them new life in a more contemporary form.

Mewa Towarzyska - klub w Sopocie w kubańskim klimacie

Also worth mentioning is the rich vegetation that is an integral part of the local landscape

photo by Tom Kurek

Basia: What was the biggest challenge in creating this project?
Jakub: The biggest challenge in working on this project was to create solutions balanced enough to combine existing elements with new solutions - so as to achieve the effect of a coherent whole.

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