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An interior full of inspiration in the Garnizon estate in Gdansk. Designed by TRINN architekci studio

30 of July '20

The spacious interior, maintained in an elegant style in the Garnizon housing estate in Gdansk, is the result of numerous inspirations, many conversations held between the architect and investors and careful implementation of the created vision. Here ideas brought from trips to Italy, Scandinavia, London and the United States come together.

Michal Ostafijczuk of TRINN architects talks about the challenge, but also the great pleasure of designing a Gdynia apartment. From the many diverse inspirations that the investors collected, the architects selected, combined and then transferred to the apartment those needed to create the dream interior. Mixed here are various styles, references and aesthetics from different corners of the world, which together form a coherent whole.

Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for this project?
Michal Ostafijczuk: The project is dominated by the influence of raw yet warm interiors of American homes and apartments, where natural, elegant finishing materials and furniture designed in both Scandinavia and Italy clash. The investors presented us with inspirations from various corners of the world and functions of the interiors - modernist, rustic, industrial influences mixed there. We had to compress the fusion of richly accessorized Italian arrangements, minimalist museum rooms and austere production halls into about 100 square meters of an apartment in the center of Gdansk.

Elegancki apartament na osiedlu Garnizon w Gdańsku.

That's why warm colors of wood and terazzo stone, various shades of brown leather, orange and red furniture prevail here


Basia: What else were the investor's requirements?
Michal: As the apartment will be a living space for a family of four, the main wish, apart from the aesthetics, was to carefully design 3 bedrooms with plenty of storage space for clothes and accessories. In addition, the investors already had their own suggestions for Italian furniture, hand-painted wallpaper or inspiration from slightly stylized London and American interiors.

Basia: Where did the idea for such a selection of colors and materials come from?
Michal: We wanted the interior to be dominated by one range of color contained in several materials, which would be broken by neutral concrete and white walls. Therefore, warm colors of wood and terazzo stone, various shades of brown of leather, orange and red of furniture prevail here. As a counterbalance, we used some cold-toned details, such as the author's terazzo slab furniture with blue accents and a reproduction of a Gustav Klimt painting.

100-metrowy apartament na osiedlu Garnizon w Gdańsku Elegancki apartament na osiedlu Garnizon w Gdańsku. Projekt studia TRINN

Further work, i.e. selecting specific furniture, textures, color combinations was already pure pleasure


Basia: What was the biggest challenge, and what gave you the most satisfaction in the whole process?
Michael: Due to the multitude of inspirations presented to us by the investors, by far the biggest challenge was to clarify the main concept. Step by step we came to a key on the basis of which we could build a coherent whole. Further work, i.e. selecting specific furniture, textures, color combinations was already pure pleasure.

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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