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Warsaw atmosphere in the interiors of an aparthotel. Implementation of the Tremend studio appreciated

13 of January '23
Technical data
Name: Royal Tulip Warsaw Apartments
Owner: Louvre Hotels Group
Investor: Marvipol Development S.A
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Tremend Sp. z o.o.
Interior design authors: Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, Kama Kowacz, Daria Cichoń, Renata Kuczera, Emilia Karwowska-Łasocha, Paulina Szarzec, Aleksandra Falba, Aleksander Dymkowski, Dawid Stawowy, Maciej Jasina, Marta Idczak
Photos: Piotr Gęsicki
Hotel rooms: 312 suites ranging in size from 27 to 67
Conference rooms: 4, with a total area of 240


  • project
  • implementation


Tremend studio, known for its hotel interior designs, can boast a new project. Last spring, the luxury aparthotel Royal Tulip Warsaw Apartments opened in the Unique Tower complex. Its interiors became a pretext for the architects to tell the story of old Warsaw, its neighborhoods, art and landmarks. The realization was shortlisted for The International Hotel and Property Awards 2023 in the Hotel Design - Europe Award category.

The new aparthotel is located in Wola on Grzybowska Street in the main skyscraper of the Unique Tower complex and occupies as many as sixteen floors. There are three hundred and twelve apartments, a conference and business center with four rooms, a restaurant and longue bar, as well as a spa and fitness area.

Strefa longue, a w tle recepcja hotelowa

The longue zone and the hotel reception in the background

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

a sentimental journey

The hotel's interiors invite guests to embark on a sentimental journey through old Warsaw, starting with a 1920s district plan that adorns the wall of the entrance area. The plan, which resembles a large bas-relief, is alluded to by the arrangement of the entire first floor through the shapes and arrangement of the individual zones-districts. The arrangement of the reception area is a reference to the architecture of the City Center, the oval shape of the counter, reminiscent of the shape of the Rotunda, attracts attention. In this space, on the walls, the architects used harmonic decoration, and the floor was decorated with a black-and-white mosaic of gorse.

Przestrzeń recepcji, na ścianie mapa Warszawy

The reception space, with a map of Warsaw on the wall

Photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

Meanwhile, the layout of the wooden floor is a reference to the hexagons in the Mysliwiecki Palace. The color scheme of the reception and lounge area, the designers say, is a reflection of the colors of the mosaic "In the Orbit of the Sun" by Helena and Lech Grześkiewicz. In the web corner area one will find references to the works of Wojciech Fangor.

W hotelu znajduje się kawiarnia „swaWola”

The hotel houses the "swaWola" café.

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

cafe "swaWola"

The hotel's industrial-style café is an evocation of the "Pluton" coffee roasting plant that once existed on Grzybowska Street. Also in its space you will find a black and white mosaic floor, golden slats resemble rails, and the shape of the maroon counter a vintage vehicle - a reference to the Wola streetcar station. Accents are created by a brick wall, colorful signs, and gold and copper elements.

Strefa barowa z neonowym napisem POW

The bar area with a neon POW sign

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

warsaw restaurants and parks

The color scheme of the bar zone based on blues and greens is a reference to the Vistula boulevards. The bar island covered with a mirror is meant to evoke reflections on the Vistula, and the neon POW sign is a shorthand for Powiśle. The decoration is a metalwork installation resembling a mermaid. The Tremend team also alluded to the architecture of bridges in the capital. The structure over the bar is an evocation of the Poniatowski Bridge, over the live cooking area the Gdansk Bridge, and over the buffet the Silesian-Dabrowski Bridge.

Przestrzeń restauracyjna utrzymana jest w zielonych kolorach Aranżacja nawiązuje również do industrialnego stylu

restaurant and bar area

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

The bottle green of the restaurant is the base for the other elements of the arrangement - the division of the vaulted ceiling, velvet curtains, wooden counter fins and window coverings (a reference to the Havana café). Attention is drawn to the ŻOL inscription laid in bricks, as well as to the shape of the wall sconces, reminiscent of street lamps in officer's Żoliborz.

Ogródek zewnętrzny z limuzyną Warszawa

outdoor garden with limousine Warsaw

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

The designers also used a lot of vegetation, enlivening the space. The leisure part of the hotel is an outdoor garden, the arrangement of which refers to a Prague park. An amusing addition is a Warsaw limousine produced by FSO, located between the tables.

Jedna z sal konferencyjnych, na ścianie profil Fryderyka Chopina

One of the conference rooms, a profile of Frederic Chopin on the wall

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

famous warsawians, iconic neighborhoods

The patrons of the already mentioned conference rooms are famous Varsovians. Linear profiles of Frederic Chopin, Wladyslaw Reymont, Bohdan Lachert and Boleslaw Cybis decorate the individual rooms. The rooms differ from each other, but all are united by industrial style and strong colors.

Rodzinny apartament z akcentami czerwieni

A family apartment with accents of red

Photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

And what do the suites look like? Each has beeninspired by a Warsaw neighborhood, and on the walls you will see a graphic with a map of the selected district in one color. For example, the showcase of Powiśle is the blue shade of the Vistula River, Żoliborz the green of Kępa Potocka Park, while the family room kept in red colors was inspired by Mokotów. There are also elements common to all apartments - the floor of the kitchen area is decorated with black and white gorse. Bathrooms are finished with large-format tiles imitating white marble. The architects juxtaposed them with the color of the room's guiding color, and decorated the whole with gold moldings, a beveled mirror and accessories.

Korytarz dwunastego piętra hotelu

The corridor of the twelfth floor of the hotel

Photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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