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Intimate spaces, playing effects and Spanish subtitles

17 of January '23

In this project, the most important thing was to create small, intimate spaces, play on lighting effects and make the premises stand out through subtle, dark colors. This is how Fuego - a restaurant serving Spanish cuisine in Kolobrzeg - looks like.

This is another realization of a gastronomic interior {tag:pracownie}, next to Paradiso in the Norblin Factory or Rober Lewandowski's restaurant Nine "s. The authors of the project are Michał Miszkurka, Anna Śliwka and Katarzyna Westrych-Pavy. The studio did the construction project, interior design, as well as some of the furniture and detail design. The {tag:Pracownie} was also responsible for design coordination. Fuego was located right on the main artery of Kolobrzeg. Ultimately, it was to be distinguished by a dark color scheme contrasting with the seaside character of the resort town.


The architects proceeded with the design work with the knowledge that the front part of the building, where the premises are located, was on an elevation, which caused differences in the height of the interior. This introduced the concept of dividing the restaurant space into small, intimate zones, creating space for privacy.

Along the entire storefront, the floor is at street level. Then, after climbing three stairs, we find ourselves on the lower level, which is separated from the first by a zone of comfortable high-backed lodges," Michal Miszkurka describes the project.

We wnętrzu warto zwrócić uwagę na zróżnicowanie dobieranych faktur

In the interior it is worth noting the variety of textures selected

photo by Aleksandra Miszkurka

Another element that represents a significant change in the building's layout is the mezzanine. By adding it, the restaurant has increased its square footage from two hundred and sixty to about four hundred square meters. At the same time, the mezzanine shades part of the interior, which was illuminated by lamps shining in warm, calm colors.

In addition, the investor wanted to incorporate a spacious mezzanine into the space, which was quite a challenge. The premises are also divided into two parts by a staircase, enclosed by wine racks as high as the entire height of the interior. They form a dominant and distinctive design element. The kitchen had to be open, highly visible, but at the same time separated from the room so that the smells did not penetrate the interior. This required close coordination with the designer of the structure and ventilation," points out Anna Sliwka.

Restauracja miała nawiązywać do Hiszpanii

The restaurant was to be reminiscent of Spain

photo by Aleksandra Miszkurka


The eclectic color scheme of the interior also attracts attention. It is dominated mainly by darker tones - grays, browns, shades of wood or glazed carmine red, with neon signs and inscriptions in Spanish. At the same time, in this space you will find a lot of contrasting bright colors such as blue, white, bright red or brick colors. The whole is complemented by light sources like lamps and neon signs, which spotlight the restaurant space. In this way they create, a calm, gentle place.

W kolorystyce Fuego dominują ciemne tonacje

Fuego's color scheme is dominated by dark tones

photo by Aleksandra Miszkurka


In addition to the color scheme, it is worth noting the choice of materials used in the restaurant. Their varied textures from glossy carmine-colored tiles, wood used on the walls and in the furnishings, reflective glass or fabrics - the diversity of textures is one of the important elements of the decor.

It is worth noting the bar located under the ceiling of the mezzanine. It was clad in rusted and specially etched sheet metal for this project. In turn, we covered the ceiling on the bar with mirrors and illuminated it with light bulbs mounted to the ceiling," says Katarzyna Westrych-Pavy.

Przestrzeń restauracji została powiększona o antresole

The space of the restaurant was enlarged by mezzanines

photo by Aleksandra Miszkurka

playing with extravagance

Fuego Restaurant is both extravagant, using gold, glowing artificial animal skulls or large inscriptions in Spanish. It's worth taking a look at this realization, if only for the reason of using such diverse elements, colors and textures.

Fuego (proj. 370studio)

Fuego (proj. 370studio)

photo by Aleksandra Miszkurka

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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