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An interior oozing with light. Apartment inspired by mid-century modern style

Dobrawa Bies
19 of October '21
Technical data
Name: apartment in Krakow
Location: , Krakow
Interior design: Magdalena Gajda


50 m²

Photos: ONI Studio


A light-filled Krakow apartment is the proposal of the Magdalena Gajda Architektura Wnętrz studio. Bright colors in the interiors and wooden furniture referring to the mid-century modern style, promote relaxation. Gold accents and lamps creating unusual lighting add to the character.

Salon mieszkania
w Krakowie

View from the kitchen to the spacious living room

Photo: ONI Studio © Magdalena Gajda Interior Architecture

In this apartment of fifty square meters, everything has been carefully thought out. The architect combined the kitchen with a bright living room with large windows. The dressers in the lounge area were made of wood, while the coffee tables were made of metal. They are complemented by gold lamps reminiscent of those from the 1950s. In the kitchen area, cabinets made of veneer look like sideboards. Their decoration are specially designed knobs. Meanwhile, quartz conglomerate in a light shade was used for the countertop.

Szafa oddziela pokój
od aneksu kuchennego

The decoration of the interior is a closet that performs many functions

Photo: ONI Studio © Magdalena Gajda Interior Architecture

closet with multiple functions

However, the main element in the apartment is the closet, which has several functions.

First of all, it is an interior decoration, but also separates the hallway from the kitchenette. It is also an additional place to store things. In the kitchen, on the other hand, it serves as additional light. In the evening, it helps create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the living room," explains Magdalena Gajda.

Odbicie kuchni
w lustrze, salon Fragment kuchni, blat

The apartment is dominated by vertical lines

Photo: ONI Studio © Magdalena Gajda Interior Architecture

Vertical elements, referring to the closet in the hallway, were repeated in the bedroom. They can be seen by the bed and on the closet door. An interesting solution is the shelf that ends the headboard, serving as a bedside table. On the other hand, a natural fabric was placed on the wall behind the bed. The whole decor is complemented by gold wall lamps.

Beżowa łazienka Beżowe płytki
w łazience i złote baterie

The bathroom is kept in beige colors with gold accents

photo: ONI Studio © Magdalena Gajda Interior Design

bathroom bathed in beige

In the bathroom, tiles in intense beige color surround the bathtub, which can serve as a shower, thanks to a glass pane. Vertical elements characteristic of the whole apartment, can also be seen here - they were placed on the built-in behind the toilet. A cabinet was incorporated above the sink, the fronts of which were made of mirror. And for the built-in under the countertop, instead of traditional handles, special frames with handles were used. The countertop was made of the same conglomerate as in the kitchen. The accent is provided by gold faucets, harmoniously blending with the overall design of the bathroom.

Krakowskie mieszkanie,
salon i kuchnia

In the evenings, the cabinet serves as a mood lighting

Photo: ONI Studio © Magdalena Gajda Interior Design

Dobrawa Bies: Ubiquitous wood, vertical lines and sunny hues are the first things we pay attention to when we cross the threshold of a Krakow apartment. Where did this design decision come from and where did you draw your inspiration from?

Magdalena Gajda: I was inspired by the investor, her needs, which we discussed in detail during the first meeting.
The concept of the project started with one of the inspirations that the client came with. It gave the outline of the entire project.

Dobrawa: There are several interesting solutions in the interior, for example, an illuminated, openwork cabinet in the kitchen, or a special shelf in the bedroom. Please tell us about the design work.

Magdalena Gajda: The investor wanted to maximize the use of storage space, and I wanted to approach the subject a little differently, less standard. I wondered how to combine functionality with lightness and light. At first, the outline of a closet was created in the hallway, which merged with the kitchen, then a bent form was created, which we worked on. The openwork form is a decorative element that does not overwhelm the space, but rather emphasizes it through vertical lines and light.

Fragment salonu Fragment sypialni

The shelf ending the bed headboard is a bedside table

Photo: ONI Studio © Magdalena Gajda Interior Design

Dobrawa: Did the investor have any special requests?

Magdalena Gajda: Yes, the investor had already come to us with a specific demand in terms of interior design. On the other hand, also important to her was a white glossy tile measuring 10 by 10 - in the shape of a small square, which became the starting point for the kitchen design.

Dobrawa: The apartment is very cohesive and well thought out, did you encounter any difficulties while designing? What are you most proud of?

Magdalena Gajda: I'm fortunate that my studio is visited by very specific and informed investors who place their full trust in me, so in this case, too, there were no particular difficulties. This was one of those projects that was accepted almost immediately, the first time we showed it. What I'm most proud of is the designed details and the fact that we were able to realize 100 percent of the design goals, without leaving out a single detail.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.


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