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"It's worth asking yourself questions again and again." 10 questions for Lech Moczulski

04 of March '21

"10 Questions to..." is a series of short interviews with architects and female architects, to whom we address the same pool of questions. In today's installment of the mini-interview about the most important buildings, the most inspiring city and voguing, Lech Moczulski of the Mili Młodzi Ludzie studio answered.

Lech Moczulski - studied architecture at the Poznan, Silesian and Krakow Universities of Technology. Co-founder of the Poznan-based design group Mili Młodzi Ludzie, which has been active since 2012.

1 Architecture in three words...?

"Architecture of the Climate Crisis." There is currently no other context for architecture that is more important.

2. The three most important buildings for you...?

First, the 2226 office building designed by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten in the Austrian city of Lustenau. A building with no air conditioning, no ventilation, no heating - yet comfortable, functional, cheap to maintain and environmentally friendly. Second, my townhouse - an apartment and a studio. It is said that the cobbler walks without shoes. A big challenge for me is the design of the Poznan headquarters of the company Mili Młodzi Ludzie and the adjacent apartment. I consciously decided to buy an apartment in an old building rather than in a new construction, because the secondary market still offers a lot of undeveloped and interesting places. We are not building from scratch but rearranging, revitalizing and renovating. Third, the Susch Museum in Switzerland. It is housed in an eight-hundred-year-old monastery and brewery, specially adapted for exhibition purposes, with an area of nearly one and a half thousand square meters. It's a smart, thoughtful building.

The 3rd most important book on architecture...?

"A small house on a plot" by Jan Szymanski and Kazimierz Muszynski. It's an old book, but I discover it again and again. It shows me that it's really not quantity but quality that matters, that nature has a big impact on our lives and we can't manage without it, so we should especially respect it.

4. most inspiring city and why...?

Kamikatsu. This is the city with the most advanced waste segregation in the world (more than forty categories of waste!). Its residents live in the spirit of zero waste, and almost all the waste they produce is recycled on site.

5. architect you would like to design something with and why...?

Not an architect, but a studio: FormaFantasma. To quote a phrase, uttered by Simone Farresin:

Our work is a commentary on non-design. A consideration of the possibilities hiding where, it would seem, there is nothing left. We want to challenge existing clichés - what is valuable and what is not.

It's worth asking ourselves questions again and again, and FormaFantasma consistently does this.

6. hand-drawing or computer drawing?

Hand drawing always before computer drawing. And also one on top of the other: I often draw on computer projections.

7. mockup or 3D model?

The 3D model has brutally supplanted mock-ups.

8. modernism or postmodernism?

The future. Theoretical quandaries seem unnecessary to me. We have more serious questions and challenges ahead of us. What after the Anthropocene era? How to save the planet from climate catastrophe?

9. working after hours or sports?

Voguing. A dance style that was born decades ago among non-white sexual minorities in the United States. I practice intensively.

10 - Architecture or business?

Architecture and business in good proportions. We do not live in a vacuum, it is impossible to separate one from the other.

You can find the projects of the Mili Młodzi Ludzie studio in the offices section of our portal.

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