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Minimalist apartment designed by Lys Studio

27 of July '20

In this minimalist interior, the wooden woodwork draws the most attention. The closet in the master bedroom the height of the entire apartment, the floor and the dining room table warm up the space. Among the whites and blacks prevalent in the apartment, it is the color of wood that balances them. The architect created a seemingly simple space, which nevertheless escapes this qualification, thanks to the careful selection of materials, textures and patterns.

Magdalena Kanik of Lys Studio fully met all the expectations and requirements of the investors. She designed a space in which residents can not only carry out their daily home life, but also work. All built-in furniture, free-standing furniture and glazing in the interior were made to measure. Their design was supervised by an architect. The apartment measures 170 square meters, so in addition to minimalism, space is king here.

Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for this project?
Magdalena Kanik: The main inspiration for the interior design was the architecture of the body of the building and the materials used. The cubist form of the intimate apartment building has a continuation in the minimalist, geometric forms of the buildings and the spacious arrangement of its space. We opted for several colors and materials that permeate throughout the apartment - raw concrete, naturally colored oak wood, black structured granite, and white and anthracite colors.

Oryginalna biblioteczka do minimalistycznego mieszkania. Lys Studio Minimalistyczny wystrój wnętrz w stylowym apartamencie. Projekt Lys Studio

In terms of interior design, the clients expected a simple, well-lit, comfortable space and an emphasis on its qualities

Photo: PION Studio

Basia: What were the investor's expectations and needs?
Magdalena: The most important issue for the investor was the development of a working space with two workstations at a large desk in the living area. It was connected to the server room and an extensive electrical installation network created for the needs of the users. In terms of interior design, the clients expected a simple, well-lit, comfortable space and an emphasis on its qualities. Already the first concept of the interior met with their approval, and thus stylistically and materially we got the green light to create the interior without any further guidelines from their side.

Basia: Where did you get the idea for such a combination of colors, patterns and materials?
Magdalena: The right choice of materials was very important in our project. We opted for the beauty of natural raw materials such as wood, veneer, granite, stone wall coverings. We exposed the raw concrete ceiling. The color scheme was limited to pure white and anthracite warmed by oak. Artificial light plays an important role in the design - spotlights arranged in spots, linear lamps, led lighting - illuminating individual planes. This added drama and theatricality to the designed interior, which is what we wanted.

Zabudowana szafa garderobiana z drewna. Lys Studio

We focused on the beauty of natural materials such as wood, veneer, granite, stone wall cladding

photo: PION Studio

Basia: What gave you the most satisfaction in creating this project, and what was the biggest challenge?
Magdalena: The most satisfaction gave us the opportunity to create an interior that was refined in every detail, where almost every piece of equipment was designed and manufactured to measure. The coherence of the design throughout the apartment was maintained thanks to the investors, who were open to our suggestions and accepted the entire vision after the first two meetings. The biggest challenge was coordinating the fourteen interior finishing crews with the assumed six-month completion deadline, as well as the logistics of the large-size elements, for which we often had to use a crane.

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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