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Minimalist interior of an apartment in Lublin

18 of January '21

The KUC_18 project by 081 architects is one of the projects that fits into the purist, minimalist style of the creators. It also fits in with a number of residential spaces designed in Lublin and beyond, realizing the needs of modern comfort.

The interior of the 2018 KUC_18 oscillates within the widely understood boundaries of modern trends and functional simplicity, so characteristic of 081 architects. Less is more here, moreover, the designers declare that by subtracting unnecessary embellishments, they add value to their projects, both in terms of interiors and architectural design.

Salon połączony
z kuchnią we wnętrzu KUC_18

Living room combined with kitchen in KUC_18 interior.

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki © 081 architects

Already on the level of color scheme, KUC_18 has been absolutely minimized and cleared of colors, because we find there only, so-called, non-colors, that is, white, black and a whole range of grays. In places, only small accents of light brown appear in the fronts of cabinets in the bathroom or furniture in the bedroom. In this extremely minimalist space, the strong elements that break the rhythm of white, black and gray are the plant elements, which, although there are not many of them, resonate in a very strong way against this monochromatic background.

Część salonowa

The living room section of KUC_18

Photo by Rafał Chojnacki © 081 architects

Monochromatic colors and different textures

In the living room, which is open to the kitchen , we find only a few basic pieces of furniture - the focal point is a huge gray sofa and a plasma TV and designer white audio equipment set opposite it. Anyway, the solution for the spread of sound here is very clever, as speakers are also built in on two sides of the panel, located behind the sofa and separating the living room area from the kitchen area. In addition, we find here only a table, tables and chairs.

Kuchnia KUC_18 Detale kuchni KUC_18

Kitchen KUC_18

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki © 081 architekci

Also interesting is the combination of textures, which differentiate and conquer the monochromatic colors. We have the softness of sofas and curtains in a similar shade, the shiny surfaces of white furniture, which are juxtaposed with black and matte furniture, glass, mirrors and gray, concrete-like tiles on one of the walls. The interior is well lit thanks to large windows, but the issue of artificial lighting has also been precisely solved here. The entire ceiling, both of the living-kitchen and bedroom areas, is feathered with points of conical lamps, and in some places there are also pendant lamps with glass or metal shades. In the small bedroom we find a repetition of the living room solution with a low, simple TV shelf and a plasma TV opposite the bed.

Sypialnia KUC_18

Bedroom KUC_18

photo by Rafał Chojnacki © 081 architects

In this space, a black velour-like carpet is laid on the floor instead of tiles and panels, which significantly contributes to the coziness and feeling of softness, after all, perfectly suited for a bedroom. The equally small bathroom has a long sink, repeating the rhythm of the wall, a glass shower cubicle and the most interesting accent - large black tiles with white veining in its interior.

Łazienka KUC_18

KUC_18 bathroom

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki © 081 architects

serenity through purism

The interior of KUC_18 is a model realization of the dream of interior purism in a not-too-large space, which is further enlarged optically by the placement of large mirrors next to the front door. They lead us directly into the open living room with kitchen, where one would just like to immerse oneself in the soothing gray and the music coming out of the white speakers.

Katarzyna Oczkowska

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