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In this office you will fall in love with Polish motorization - Massive Design project

06 of September '22

Polish motorization, except for the notion of a million electric cars, already seems to be just history. Nevertheless, a Maluch, Polonez or Żuk can still inspire! We present a unique interior design inspired by Polish motorization. The arrangement was created by Massive Design studio.

The Warsaw office of Keyloop 's main goal was to create a work space where rest, work and play can be combined. The designers wanted to avoid creating the space of a typical office, with a simple open-space plan. A love of Polish motorization, a space for work and rest, as well as modern design, combine here.

An element conducive to the realization of these assumptions was the choice of great space on the 21st and 22nd floors of the Central Point building. Its advantage, in addition to its excellent location and views of the Warsaw Center, are the mezzanines that connect the two floors into one impressive space," says Adam Choinski, Designer Massive Design.

pokój odpoczynku inspirowany przyczepą kempingową Niewiadów

Rest room inspired by Niewiadów caravan

photo by Szymon Polanski | © Massive Design

everyone had a toddler in Poland

Automotive motifs are the main design element. In addition to stripes imitating roadways on the floor, accessories evoking the Formula I pit-stop or the classic racing grille, we will find here things unusual for other projects.

In the entrance area a sofa has been located, which has been built into the body of a classic of Polish motoring - a Fiat 126p called a Maluch. In this part there was also room for a track for slotcars, set on black and yellow barrels resembling those filled with motor oil and fuel. In the reception area, blue lighting composed of flat ribbons, which resembles a race track, also catches the eye.

Po wejściu do biura pierwsze co widzimy to sofa schowana w karoserii malucha i slotcar

Upon entering the office, the first thing one sees is a sofa tucked into the body of a toddler and a slotcar

photo by Szymon Polanski | © Massive Design

The process of immersion into the world of Polish motorization takes place much further in the space of the conference rooms and rest areas. The rooms have literally been organized to refer to the design of specific car models - Syrena 105, Fiat 125p, Niewiadów caravan or classic Żuk. Any lover of communist-era automobiles will feel right at home here.

Sala konferencyjna inspirowana syrenką

conference room inspired by a mermaid

photo by Szymon Polanski | © Massive Design


Office space designers from Massive Design boast about the space used as traditional workspace in the Keyloop office. Less than thirty percent of the total office is used as a traditional workspace. In addition to the gaming and relaxation area, as well as the aforementioned slotcar track, we find slides here, allowing us to move freely between floors.

Z antresoli możemy zjechać zjeżdżalnią

From the mezzanine floor we can go down the slide

photo by Szymon Polanski | © Massive Design

The way the work space is arranged is based on small semi-open intimate corners, which have been separated by bookcases with writing boards dedicated to this arrangement. When a meeting is necessary, open tables in common spaces, as well as conference rooms inspired by Polish classics, serve here primarily.

Designing such a space gives great satisfaction. It only remains for us to thank Claus and Martin for their trust and support in implementing all the crazy ideas," Konrad Dowejko, Design Director, Massive Design, sums up the process.

Część rekreacyjna

recreation part

photo by Szymon Polanski | © Massive Design

place of greenery

The designers also point to the important role of greenery to complement the overall effect of the office. Plant pots can be found by the bookcases separating the work areas, the tops of the design tables, as well as on the reinforced concrete substructure of the mezzanine support structure. Plants will be found in every part of this office.

Widok z antresoli

Plants can be found in every part of the office

photo by Szymon Polanski | © Massive Design

looking for a solution

The Warsaw office of Keyloop designed by Massive Design allows us to observe the processes of change that affect office spaces. First of all, open-space is no longer a determinant, as is the amount of traditional office space. It is equally important to create an area where an employee can feel comfortable. Hence not only good design, but also games or a slide. This kind of design can be seen as taking the fight to create a place where you want to work.

Odizolowana przestrzeń do pracy

An isolated work space

photo by Szymon Polanski | © Massive Design

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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