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Austerity of form and color. Gdansk apartment designed by Ony-X Studio

19 of September '22

Design, natural materials, black and white and minimalism, this is how we can describe the Gdansk apartment by the Ony-X studio. The architects - Augustyna Grzybowska and Joanna Dolot created a form-saving interior, for a young couple - lovers of moderation, art and good design. Located in Nowa Letnica, the ninety-square-meter apartment underwent quite a metamorphosis, and the designers began their work by demolishing.

Część dzienna, z tyłu aneks kuchenny

The living area, on the left is the kitchen island

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Ony-X Studio

big changes

Architects from Ony-X Studio very quickly found a common language with the investors, who gave them a free hand. The designers began their work by modifying the functional layout of the apartment to get, as much space as possible for the living area. They decided to demolish all existing partition walls and put them up again. The new layout also involved giving up one room and one of the bathrooms.

Czerń i biel ścian łączy się z naturalnym drewnem podłogi Czarny aneks kuchenny i wyspa z delikatnym blatem

minimalist interior of a Gdansk apartment

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Ony-X Studio

The design of the kitchen was also modified, which turned from a separate room into an annex in the living area. As the authors say - the owners, rarely cook, for this they agreed on a very minimalist assumption of the annex. Most of the kitchen appliances and equipment were hidden and the kitchen area was visually separated by introducing an island with high hockers. The cabinetry was finished with veneer, and the wall above the thin, compact countertop was covered with a sheet of frosted glass, creating a visual whole with the fronts of the cabinets.

Lokatorką mieszkania jest również suczka Frida Wnętrze gdańskiego mieszkania

The architects opted for black and white

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Ony-X Studio

black and white

The basis of the interior design of the Gdansk apartment, located on the seventeenth floor, was a consistent choice of colors and finishing materials. The black and white of the walls are combined with the natural wood of the floor lined with oak planks and fine, light upholstery fabrics with a delicate texture. The doors in the white hall were installed without visible frames - they became a natural extension of the wall, thus the slats form only thin lines. The modern bathroom also fits in with the aesthetics of the whole. The walls were lined with elongated graphite-colored tiles, which became the background for the minimalist cabinet with sink and brushed steel fixtures.

Ciemna sypialnia sprzyja wyciszeniu

The dark bedroom promotes tranquility

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Ony-X Studio

monochromatism and good design

Both the investors and the architects were unanimous in their choice of furniture and accessories - they were to be monochromatic and present top-class design. In the living room stood a spacious sofa with upholstery in broken white, and in the dining room stood a black table on a thick, column-like carved leg and light chairs with a stainless steel frame. In the black-painted bedroom, there was room for a bed with a gray upholstered headrest and bedside lamps made of white rice paper - referring to the lamp hanging above the living room table, styled after traditional Chinese lanterns.

 Minimalistyczne rozwiązania w mieszkaniu Minimalistyczne wnętrze łazienki

everything is maintained in similar aesthetics

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Ony-X Studio

Throughout the apartment, the designers opted for sparing decorations, and the art on the walls alludes to a subdued interior aesthetic. All concealable appliances, such as the TV, have been tucked away. Against the backdrop of the monochromatic apartment, the third tenant stands out - the redheaded female dog Frida.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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