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A play on words and forms. The apartment "Oligami" designed by the duo from the Ministry of Interior.

14 of September '21

The interior design of the Gdansk apartment by Magdalena Konopka and Marcin Konopka, architects from the Ministry of Interior studio, have perversely named the apartment "Oli-." Olig-, because the apartment is located in Oliwa, one of the districts of Gdansk. The whole name, in turn, evokes the word "origami," meaning the Japanese art of paper folding. How does this relate to the project? See for yourself!

przestronny living roomprzestronny living roomprzestronny living room

spacious living room

Photo: MSWW Marcin Konopka

An astronaut, a dog and a lady with bubble gum

In the design of the arrangement of this space, the architects did not stop at a play on words - they also played with form, "breaking" like paper the style of the apartment referring to classic olive interiors. So the bright space is filled with pastel colors, marble surfaces and elegant stucco (in places, however, far from the typical regular compositions). In turn, the stylish furniture and decorative gilded steel elements that bind and organize the hall are broken by completely unusual accessories - a white-gold lamp in the shape of a traffic cone, an astronaut figurine adorning the coffee table, or an eye-catching Ibride melamine tray depicting a completely serious portrait of an elegant dalmatian.

portret Damy
z gumą balonową nad komodą na ścianie wisi taca
z melaminy przedstawiającą portret eleganckiego dalmatyńczyka

Left: a portrait of a Lady with bubble gum over a dresser; right: a melamine tray depicting a portrait of an elegant Dalmatian.

Photo: MSWW Marcin Konopka

We respect the classics, but wink at them. The Victorian portrait above the dresser explains it well.... The bubble gum lady says a lot about our style," says Marcin Konopka of Ministry of Interior's studio.

bold, spacious and functional

The now spacious 130-square-meter apartment required the architects to make quite a few changes, the most difficult of which was the one related to the existing functional layout.

widok to hallwidok to hallwidok to hall

view of the lobby

Photo: MSWW Marcin Konopka

The matter of old Oliva is a difficult base for modification. Changing the function of the rooms, utilities and partition walls - this base required a lot of commitment from us to make the result spacious and functional for the family," recalls Magda Konopka.

The living area is a bright living room extended by a small bay window glazed on three sides with a cozy place for relaxation, the apartment is also arranged with a spacious kitchen with a balcony built on two sides with simple white furniture, and a hallway highlighted with gold lines.

przestronna kitchenprzestronna kitchenprzestronna kitchen

spacious kitchen

Photo: MSWW Marcin Konopka

An interesting solution was to combine the bedroom with the bathroom. This procedure, as Marcin Konopka emphasizes, allowed to create a space with the rank of a hotel suite. The whole, kept in a sea blue shade, can be visually separated by an electrically controlled curtain.



Photo: MSWW Marcin Konopka

Direct access to the bed from the bath is undoubtedly an advantage of this bedroom. The light stone used, in large slabs, creates a cohesive effect connecting the floor and walls, and the dominant color of sea blue creates a counterpoint to the marble surfaces, Magda Konopka adds.



Photo: MSWW Marcin Konopka

Thus, the interior combines classic and contemporary, introduces surprising additions and intriguing solutions, winks at the residents, and at the same time is a gentle pastel background for the life of the household members.

Ola Kloc

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