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Wine Bar Flow. A Poznan establishment bathed in wine, light and music

Dobrawa Bies
13 of September '21
Technical data
Name: wine bar I flow
Location: Poland, Poznań
Studio: wiercinski-studio
Architect: Adam Wiercinski


50 m²


PION Studio (Basia Kuligowska, Przemysław Nieciecki)



Until recently (before there was a pandemic), there was a wine bar in the residential Wilda neighborhood of Poznań with the graceful name I'm flowing. Despite its small size, the place served a wide range of world wines with small tapas-style snacks. We remind you of the project, whose author, both of the interior design and its furnishings, is Adam Wiercinski of wiercinski-studio.

The Poznan establishment occupied an area of only fifty square meters, and it was due to design limitations that the architect separated the open kitchen with a large communal table instead of a full, built-in counter.

This allows guests to sit at the table in a homely atmosphere, watch the preparation of food and break the distance with the sommelier, adds Adam Wiercinski.

Bar winny

wine bar axonometry

© wiercinski-studio

The bright and warm interior of Plynna is kept in the colors of white and red wine and natural oak wood. Meanwhile, the sheen of the beige tiles with which all the walls are lined gives the impression of a wet glass sheet, contrasting with the old matte terrazzo floor. This is a remnant of the fishmonger's store, which previously operated at the site for more than twenty years. It is worth mentioning that the owners of the wine shop are music lovers. Among the wines displayed on the shelves you can find collections of vinyl records, which also hang on the wall, and their covers decorate the interior.

Wnętrze winiarni
Płynę, regały

Vinyl records can also be found on the shelves

photo: PION Studio © wiercinski-studio

Guests of the wine bar can choose from several types of seating, designed by wiercinski-studio. In the central part of the premises are tables, the shape of which allows them to be combined in various configurations. Above them, a unique neon installation with mirrors hangs from the ceiling - thanks to the reflection, it makes orange arcs form the shape of glowing circles found in wine glasses and bottles.

Fragment wnętrza
z jasnymi kafelkami Pomarańczowa instalacja na

neon installation on the ceiling

Photo: PION Studio © wiercinski-studio

The window niches were used by the designer as seats facing the interior and combined with small round tables. To introduce a more intimate atmosphere in the premises and to protect from the midday sun, transparent curtains are hung in the windows.

transparentne zasłony
w oknach drewniane stoliki

Guests of the wine bar can choose from several types of seating

Photo: PION Studio © wiercinski-studio

Dobrawa Bies: The premises where the wine bar is located is another place with a small area that you designed. How did you approach the work and functional solutions this time?

Adam Wiercinski: Small spaces are interesting to design. The key is the functional layout, the number of tables, seating areas and communication between them. When arranging these elements, such interesting ideas as using window space for seating or a custom solution for the bar as a communal table are born.

Winyle na ścianach Otwarty bar i kuchnia

At the bar you can sit as if at a kitchen table

Photo: PION Studio © wiercinski-studio

Dobrawa: Also the furnishings are made by your studio. Does such "total" design give you more freedom? What are the difficulties?

Adam: In my case it gives me more freedom, because I draw the premises from scratch and by designing everything to measure, I can make better use of the space and get a unique effect. You definitely have to make sacrifices to analyze well such aspects as ergonomics in designing furniture or not forgetting to ground electricity when designing lamps :)

Dobrawa: What was the main inspiration? Did the investor set any specific requirements?

Adam: What was important for the investor was the functional setting of the premises, we had worked together before and in terms of aesthetics and author's solutions I had a free hand.

Bar winny Płynę

The architect designed both the interior and the equipment

Photo: PION Studio © wiercinski-studio

Dobrawa: What kind of interior atmosphere did you want to achieve by choosing such materials and colors?

Adam: The color scheme is based on wine colors and natural wood. The atmosphere was to be casual and "warm" in perception, hence such additions as orange neon lights and curtains in the windows. The casual layout and variety of seating areas and the contact with the bartenders, who are not hidden behind the bar, also contribute to this atmosphere.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Now the bar's place has been taken by Miracle Vegan Sushi, and wine bottles have been replaced with pickled vegetables in jars.

Dobrawa Bies

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