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Films are made here. Production house from UROK studio

Dobrawa Bies
15 of December '20

An old building in Warsaw's Mokotow district has been transformed into a creative work space for film crews. The interiors of the production house designed by Alicja Zachodny of UROK studio are filled with light, 1970s furniture and energetic accents of orange color.

Dom produkcyjny
w Warszawie

The production house is a place to work for up to a dozen film crews

Photo: Marta Behling, Vertical Level © UROK Studio

Dobrawa Bies: What is the history of this place? What were the assumptions and design inspirations?

Alicja Zachodny: The interior is located in an old house in Warsaw's Mokotow district. The assumption of the investors was to create a space that offers a place to work in a very diverse range. This ranged from several permanent workspaces to a space that would be able to accommodate a film crew of a dozen people for the duration of the project. The two-story house with a basement has been divided into four zones. The basement - a place for rehearsal shooting and casting, the first floor with a reception area and work and meeting spaces for several teams at the same time. In addition, also acting as a "living room" and a place for relaxation. The second floor is an office for permanent staff and a conference room, and the second floor offices for visiting teams. An additional challenge was the inability to make changes to the existing electrical installations. Therefore, I decided to make this an asset and a feature of the project, all the necessary changes to the installations were exposed and routed along the walls.

Wnętrze wypełniają
stare meble Pomarańczowe krzesła

The orange color warms up the cool whites of the walls and floors

Photo: Marta Behling, Vertical Level © UROK Studio

Dobrawa: What did the investors expect?

Alicia: The investors are the owners of an international manufacturing house. They have an office in Ukraine and Portugal, among others, and their new location was supposed to relate in style to the others. From their stories and the photos they showed, it was clear that the other properties were decorated in an eclectic style. They mentioned simplicity, but also furniture from the 1970s and art déco style. At the same time, they were very open to any suggestions and color schemes.

We wnętrzu może
pracować kilkanaście osób

The first floor is a place for work and rest

Photo: Marta Behling, Vertical Level © UROK Studio

Dobrawa: The interior is full of light and white, and the color accents are mainly shades of orange. Where did you come up with this decision?

Alicia: I wanted the designed space to be fresh and energetic, but at the same time to provide calmness and the ability to focus on work. The orange color warms up the cool whites of the walls and floors. In addition, it corresponds very well with the teak wood of the old furniture and the greenery of the garden.

Dobrawa Bies

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