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Interiors in the historic former granary building designed by the studio We Know Each Other and Pawel Tatara

08 of January '20

Wroclaw-based studio We Know Each Other, in cooperation with architect Pawel Tatara, has designed apartments for rent in the historic building of a former granary, located in the center of Toruń in an area listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The guiding idea of the project became the historical architectural detail that can be found in the historic part of Toruń. Nine apartments on three floors were designed. On the second and third floors there are two-story apartments with mezzanines. On the fourth floor, they are single-level, but with locally high ceilings illuminated by skylight windows.

apartament 2

apartment 2 - living room

photo. © arch. Pawel Tatara + studio We Know Each Other

Each apartment is different, which is due to the irregular plan of the old building, but also to the individual detailing. A colorful steel cube is the connecting element between all the apartments. It is located in the center of each apartment and serves as a bathroom. Each unit has its own individual cube, differing from the others in color and detail. It provides a stylistic opposition to the antique structure that characterizes the interiors. Each cube has a specially designed stained glass window illuminating the shower inspired by historic details of Toruń.

apartament 2 - łaznienka apartament 2 - łazienka

apartment 2 - bathroom

photo. © arch. Pawel Tatara + studio We Know Each Other

Each apartment has its own theme. Thus, for example, apartment number two alludes to the tripartite vault from Toruń's Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, and apartment number four to the trillium found in the ornamental ornament of historic interiors. The stained glass windows, in turn, create additional lighting effects. They create a unique atmosphere in the interior by becoming an unobvious element that changes according to the direction of the sun's rays. In the apartments, the historic features of the building were confronted with modern materials and interior design elements.

elaborated by: Malgorzata Tomczak

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