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How to design a room for a teenage girl? Simple Interior in a child's world

08 of May '20

room for a teenage girl

The room is 14 m² and has a square plan. It features a large corner window and an exit to the balcony. The location of the glazing provides an opportunity for great illumination of the room, while it takes up some space for arranging furniture. In the room for the young lady I had to set aside a lot of space for storage - both clothes and books or other treasures, which the teenager has a lot of. I used ready-made furniture from Vox in the project. Thanks to the many possibilities of composing them with each other, it was possible to place both a large corner closet and a bookcase with a platform in a small space. I also wanted a relaxation area that was pleasant to look at. And so here we have quite a spacious bed, to which coffee tables are attached. But being a teenager is not just about relaxing and having fun. The study zone is a desk set under the window, and thus very well lit.

projekt pomysł wnętrza dla nastolatki

room design

drawing by Maria Podobinska, Simple Interior

Thecolor scheme of the room is bright and delicate. The white furniture is perfectly exposed against the wooden floor. The room uses accessories in a delicate pink color, which can be freely supplemented with more elements. To make sure that the whole room doesn't come out too bland on the wall behind the bed there is an interesting wallpaper with a motif of green leaves in darker shades.

meble dla nastolatki, pomysł na wnętrze

VOX white furniture

photo: Proste Wnętrze

The design grows together with the child

I was very curious about the effect of this room and the satisfaction of my young client. A few years earlier, in a previous apartment, I also designed a room for her. It was very interesting for me to see the process of change - both of the occupant of the room, whose tastes and preferences had changed significantly, and also of my approach to design, which has also undergone quite a transformation over the past few years.

I remember when I did my first projects for this family - and at the time I was creating children's rooms for our teenager, who was not yet one at the time, and her two brothers - clients told me that the children were replicating my designs in the Sims. It made me terribly happy - such an approach when the whole family is included in the creative process. Especially when we are talking about children's rooms.

Simple Interior

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