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An apartment for the music lover. An eclectic apartment in Gdansk's Garrison

08 of May '20

We carried out the project of an apartment in Gdansk Garrison for one person, a young single, a music lover.In addition tohis musical interests, the client values high quality and good design. The aesthetic side of the project was very important to him. The client also cared about the masculine character of the apartment.

Material and color define the functions

The color base is light gray,whichis juxtaposed with stained oak wood. We used dark green as a dominant color, giving the interior a masculine character. We used gold and blackaccessories. On the walls throughout the apartment appears a division in the form of a lamppost finished with a strip of stone and black trim.

apartment projection - arrangement

drawing: Raca Architekci

The apartment is in the shape of an elongated rectangle with a beautiful view of the old district of Gdansk - Strzyże. We proposed a layoutthatnot only does not obstruct this view, but actually emphasizes it. We allocated the glass bay window for the dining room. The striking view was enclosed in a frame of heavy velour curtains. In the center of the "stage" we placed a round, veneered table on a central leg and 4 comfortable Frei Frau Leya chairs. Due to the abundance of natural light, the dining room was designed in dark colors. This creates a unique atmosphere.

Dining room and kitchen island

photo by Tom Kurek

Adjacent to the dining room, the kitchen has a centrally located island. The highlight of the kitchen is the distinctive gray Bardiglio marble, found on the countertops and the wall between the cabinets. Although marble is not recommended for kitchen countertops, we suggested it for aesthetic reasons. The client liked it so much that he accepted its disadvantages. The rest of the kitchen is kept in a neutral color scheme: stained, oak wood and light grays.

The living room is designed similarly to the kitchen. It is kept in a light color scheme with striking Bardiglio marble on the cabinetry and RTV wall.

A Terazzo strip runs through the kitchen and entrance area,whichhas its continuation in the utility room, toilet andbathroom.

Living room, dining room and kitchen

photo: Tom Kurek

In the corridor, we designed a functional sequence hidden in the built-in furniture. A wardrobe closet is located at the entrance. Behind it is located a utility room with a washer and dryer, and then a toilet. The doors to these rooms and the walls in between are covered with milled furniture board with black semicircular handles.

light creates the atmosphere of the interior

In the central part of the apartment is themusic room. It is well soundproofed thanks to the carpeting on the floor and the upholstered panels on the walls. This room is the darkest interior in the apartment and also the most masculine. There is a comfortable listening chair with an adjacent liquor table. On one wall we designed a small bookcase with an alcove for a piano.

music room

Photo: Tom Kurek

The bedroom is connected to the privatebathroomby a glasswallwith an opening door. This providesthe bathroom with access tonatural light and visually connects the two rooms to each other. For comfort, we installed a curtain,whichfurther adds warmth to the interior. In the bedroom, we used the same materials as in the other rooms, but in different proportions. The wall behind the bed was finished with a veneer panel, intowhichan upholstered headrest was incorporated. The wall above the wooden headboard was finished with upholstered panels of green velour. Opposite the bed we designed a closet with a rounded corner. The closet's greatest decoration is its handles,whichhave been milled in the shape of circles, and their interior has been varnished black.

bedroom with bathroom

Photo: Tom Kurek

In the bathroom, we finished the alcove opposite the entrance with stained veneer panels. Against it, we designed a freestanding sink cabinet made of steel profiles with a bold Bardiglio gray marble top. To the left of the sink is an alcove with a large shower with a seat.

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  1. Tom Dixon marble wall lamp Stone Wall Light
  2. Gieradesign Ambient oval mirror
  3. Vitra Eames Lounge Chair with footstool
  4. Clay Desalto minimalist black dining table
  5. Freifra leya dining chairs
  6. Spoletto wall lamp
  7. Gubi TS marble top dining table

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