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Simple and functional apartment for rent in Warsaw

13 of August '20

The simple and functional, albeit small apartment located in Warsaw's Fort Sluzew is intended for rent. We talk about the interior design work, inspirations and colors with its author, interior designer Małgorzata Jaworska.

The Warsaw apartment, which includes a kitchen combined with a dining room and living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, has been kept in light colors with accents in the form of vintage furniture and ceramics from Ćmielów. Malgorzata Jaworska created a spacious, well-planned interior on just 42 square meters.

Jadalnia i jasny
parkiet Pokój dzienny

The color scheme of the kitchen cabinetry is kept in mint green

Photo: Zbigniew Szymańczyk © Małgorzata Jaworska

A&B: What was the main inspiration for this project?

Malgorzata Jaworska: The main goal was to create a simple and functional apartment with lots of accessories. A mix of vintage furniture and a lot of smaller elements such as lighting and iconic figurines from the Ćmielów factory from 1959.

A&B: What were the investor's expectations and needs?

Malgorzata Jaworska: The investor didn't have too many expectations - the most important element of the project was custom-made carpentry buildings. Thanks to them, the space of this small apartment was used to the maximum. An additional guideline was the color scheme - chosen so that all the household members felt good in the interiors.

Wnętrze sypialni

Bright colors of the bedroom

Photo: Zbigniew Szymańczyk © Małgorzata Jaworska

A&B: Where did the idea for such a combination of colors, patterns and materials come from?

Malgorzata Jaworska: The idea for the color combination arose during the design work. The moment the light gray parquet with visible wood texture appeared, the rest of the solid elements had to quiet down. That's why the hallway built-ins are in classic white and the kitchen built-ins are in mint green with a white countertop. The apartment is also dominated by wood accessories such as a veneered table and furniture with oak and beech finishes. The bathroom is also in a white finish so that textiles can be changed seasonally.

Akcenty we wnętrzu,
ceramika i meble

Extras include a veneered table and furniture with oak and beech finishes

Photo: Zbigniew Szymańczyk © Małgorzata Jaworska

A&B: What gave you the most satisfaction in creating this project, and what was the biggest challenge?

Malgorzata Jaworska: The most satisfying part of my work was the total supervision of the project. The investor agreed to all the proposals, so the project ended on time and without problems. When the architect has freedom of choice, the project is completed in every detail. Every project has to be treated as a big challenge and technical problems are always encountered, but here the work went without a hitch.

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