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Sprizer - unique design

25 of April '22

Spritzer is definitely the best solution for those looking for modern, customized lighting solutions. It is a lamp with dynamic, flowing shapes, thanks to which we can give an unusual atmosphere to the interior.

© Zaho Lighting

Enclosed in a flexible tube, the light spreads gently along the designated lines. An additional super feature is the ability to change the color temperature, which will pierce the attention of not only gadgeteers. Thanks to this feature, in the morning, when we are still sleepy, we can set a colder color for awakening, and at the end of the day, when we come home and dream of relaxing, we set a warm color. This is ideal for private interiors, especially during autumn and winter, and functioning with artificial lighting is needed almost constantly.

© Zaho Lighting

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The luminaire comes in several color variants.

© Zaho Lighting

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