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13 of August '21

Lindab has published a new series of expert articles aimed mainly at designers, investors, general contractors and installers, as well as students and students of technical schools.

Lindab Standard Standard LindabStandard LindabStandard Lindab

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For many years, Lindab has been setting new trends, raising standards, and offering additional benefits to its business partners and end users through the highest quality products. The Lindab standard has been a well-known benchmark for compliance with the highest standards for decades. At Lindab, we have absolute confidence that if the processes of raw material selection, production, design, installation and maintenance are carried out in accordance with the Lindab Standard, all customers will receive a ventilation system of the highest quality, ensuring optimal flow of fresh and healthy air in every building.

With the new series of articles, we want to educate and show the differences in the quality and workmanship of ventilation system components used by other manufacturers with the aim of obtaining a lower price for the final product ," says Wojciech Dworakowski, Marketing Manager at Lindab. The low price of the product is, unfortunately, very often the result of a significant reduction in the quality and durability of the ventilation system, which has a direct impact on energy efficiency and subsequent higher costs associated with the operation of the entire construction project , adds Wojciech Dworakowski.

You can not save on quality
- We invite you to read the articles prepared by Lindab:

  1. Comparison of T-pieces with a departure from a stamped saddle - read HERE
    trójnik z odejściem ze
sztucera siodłowego tłoczonego Lindab trójnik z odejściem ze
sztucera siodłowego tłoczonego inny producent
  2. Comparison of straight cylindrical drifts - read HERE
    sztucer cylindryczny prosty
Lindab sztucer cylindryczny prosty
inny producent

Eurovent certificate, 10-year warranty, National Technical Assessment - the highest and confirmed quality of Lindab products

The quality of Lindab products is confirmed by numerous certificates. In 2018, Lindab and Centrum Klima ventilation systems were the first in the world to receive the Eurovent certificate. As the first and only manufacturer in Poland, Lindab introduced a 10-year warranty for steel circular ventilation systems. The well-known ventilation products of the Lindab and Centrum Klima brands in Poland: coiled pipes, pressed pipes and segmented circular fittings with and without a gasket, have passed tests and examinations at the Building Research Institute and the technical parameters of the products have been positively confirmed by the National Technical Assessment in the area of ventilation and air conditioning products.

certyfikat Eurovent 10-letnia gwarancja na
stalowe, okrągłe systemy wentylacyjne

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