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Retro bathed in pink. Pastel interior of a Warsaw apartment

02 of August '22
Technical data
Name: Women's apartment in Warsaw
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Decoroom
Interior design: Angelika Front
Kitchen and furniture design: Katarzyna Domanska
Photography and styling: Marta Behling, Pion Level
Area: 61,67 m²
Calendar: 2021-2022

Cozy, feminine and.... pink! With such design requirements, the owner of a Warsaw apartment approached the Decoroom studio. The architects took up the challenge and created interiors combining retro style with original furniture, all bathed in pastel shades and terrazzo accents.

Strefa dzienna pełna jest kolorowych dodatków

The living area is full of colorful accessories

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

The apartment of about 60 square meters, located on Biała Flota Street in Warsaw, was designed for a young, energetic and full of ideas owner. In accordance with the investor's main dream, pink dominates here, but thanks to an appropriate, thoughtful arrangement it does not overwhelm the interior. Everything is maintained in aretro style that makes it easy to play with the form, and the use of a whole range of pastel shades changes the perception of pink accents, depending on the room.

Wzrok przyciągają też ulokowane naprzeciwko siebie dwie galerie ścienne

The eye is attracted by streamlined furniture and two wall galleries located opposite each other

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

living area in a mix of colors

Theopen living area is the most representative part of the apartment. It is here that pink, pastel green, golden accents and retro style create an interesting mix. The whole is warmed by a wooden floor laid in a herringbone pattern. Decorative elements are also made of wood - the casing of the kitchen island made of oak quarters or the low RTV cabinet, both with fashionable, rounded shapes. Also of organic, streamlined line is the lounge set in light gray, contrasting with the pink-green wall. Also eye-catching are the two wall galleries located opposite each other.

Lastryko znajduje się na ścianie i blacie kuchennym W przestrzeń kuchni wkomponowano lodówkę Smeg

The main accent of the kitchen is terrazzo once Smeg refrigerator

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

Terrazzo in the kitchen and the iconic refrigerator

Compared with the colorful and rich arrangement of the living room, the gray kitchen with matte finish of the cabinet fronts looks quite modest. However, here too we can findinteresting accents. The wall above the kitchen countertop is decorated again with fashionable terrazzo, repeated on all worktops and even the floor. The retro design is complemented by an iconic Smeg refrigerator in vanilla. The kitchen closes with a practical peninsula with a round table for four.

Sypialnia utrzymana jest w odcieniach szarości

The bedroom is kept in shades of gray

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

pink and more pink

The private part of the apartment is the kingdom of pink. In the bedroom and bathroom it appears in duet with grays, while the dressing room is already bathed in it. In the bedroom it is worth noting the gray English wainscoting, standing out against the entire arrangement and emphasizing the restful nature of the interior. The bathroom is a duet of pink and gray terrazzo - the sparingly decorated space centers around a large shower cubicle.

Garderoba skąpana jest w różu

The dressing room is bathed in pink

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

The dressing room also serves as a home office. A large pink furniture cabinet in a matte finish and with a decorative milled frame dominates this space. The decor is complemented by a delicate dressing table on slender legs and a velvet upholstered arm chair resembling the cup of a pink flower.

elaborated by Dobrawa Bies

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