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There is no coincidence here! A thoughtfully designed apartment by The Line Studio

28 of September '22
Technical data
Name: minimalist apartment
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Krakow
Studio: The Line Studio
Architects: Dominika Guca-Krawczyk, Magda Załoga
Photos: ONI Studio
Area: approx. 110 m²
Implementation: 2022

Architects from The Line Studio designed an apartment in the center of Krakow, which is meant to be an oasis of calm for the busy owners. Proposed by Dominika Gucka-Krawczyk and Magda Załoga, the interior is characterized by carefully thought-out solutions and selected materials, while the limited number of objects promotes tranquility.

Minimalistyczny salon

Minimalist living room, Marcel Breuer's armchair attracts attention

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

The owner couple was looking for a place in the city center, but at the same time wanted a space for themselves that promotes tranquility and relaxation. We started the design process by choosing materials, and quality was a priority in this case. In this apartment nothing is accidental," say the architects.

Rzut mieszkania w Krakowie

projection of an apartment in Krakow

© The Line Studio

The designers, focusing on quality, proposed a floor of natural, gently bleached oak in a warm shade. The homogeneous base and background for the designer furniture are bright walls and beige cotton and linen curtains.

Aksamitna sofa w salonie Stolik kawowy

The coffee table is made of Italian marble

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

noble materials

The center of the living room is occupied by a Maralunga sofa upholstered in black, elegant velvet. The floor is decorated with a rug made of natural, ecological braid, and on top of it stands a coffee table designed by the architects and custom-made from Italian marble. The same stone was used in the top of the dresser, on which the TV stands. A corner of the room is occupied by the Hiti floor lamp, characterized by a minimalist Danish design. An accent piece is the Vassily chair, designed by Marcel Breuer.

Centrum jadali to owalny stół i nietypowa lampa

The center of the dining room is an oval table and an unusual lamp

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

simplicity in the kitchen and dining room

The slogan of the kitchen is simple and unforced elegance. The dark veneer is a strong accent and fits in with the character of the entire apartment. The dining room, like the entire apartment, is kept in a minimalist style.

Kuchnia w minimalistycznym apartamencie Czarny fornir w jadalni

The dark veneer is a strong accent in the kitchen

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

Thesolid wood table has an organic, elliptical shape. Thanks to the embellishments, the hard wood seems soft, and the piece of furniture itself acquires lightness. The architects added simple chairs with braided natural fiber seats. The copper brass95 lamp attracts attention.


The bedroom maintained in subdued colors and natural materials

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

tranquility in the bedroom and bathroom

The bedroom is the place where we relax and gain strength for the next day. Therefore, in addition to the functional layout, a calm, subdued color scheme and a balanced selection of accessories are also important, the designers explain.

The architects introduced decorative elements in the form of decorative moldings on the walls. A large comfortable bed is covered with fabrics made of natural materials and linen sheets. The atmosphere is complemented by designer lighting.

Minimalistyczna łazienka Wanna w obudowie

The bathroom is decorated with quartz sinter

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

The bathroom walls are decorated with quartz sinter that imitates veined white marble, and the floor is covered with micro-cement. The free-standing bathtub is also clad in quartz sinter. Black minimalist fixtures add to the elegance of the interior.

Finished to a high standard, our modern yet minimalist apartment gives respite to the owners. A well-designed space without excess stimuli has a soothing effect, encouraging relaxation and rest," Dominika Guca-Krawczyk and Magda Załoga conclude.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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