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Tomasz Zjawiony - "Contemporary house - a project for the adaptation of an existing farmhouse".

14 of June '21
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2018
Name: "Contemporary house - design of adaptation of existing farm buildings".
, Institute of Interior Design

Robert Sobanski, Ph.D., professor, Academy of Fine Arts

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma".

Over the course of my five-year education in interior design, I was largely able to find my own design style. I focused on creating in a way that was slightly different from what the interior design market offers. Being a designer is a process of learning and acquiring new skills and striving for perfection throughout life, studies are just the beginning.

Dom współczesny.
Tomasz Zjawiony

The project combines historical and contemporary parts

© Tomasz Zjawiony

I decided to design an interior that is at least partially unconventional. Why partially? Because the project consists of two parts - the existing one and the newly designed building. And just as the exterior of the building will be contrasting, I want to treat the interior in the same way. I decided that this existing part will be designed to expose its character as much as possible, interfering as little as possible with the fabric, that is, leaving it open and uncluttered with furniture or hanging cabinets.

 Rzut aranżacyjny
parteru, część istniejąca i projektowana

arrangement plan of the first floor, existing and designed part

© Tomasz Zjawiony

This part will remain in its authentic state - the walls inside and outside will only be lightly cleaned and waterproofed, they will give character to the interior and show its true history. It was very important to me during the design process that the contemporary architecture blends almost perfectly with the historical one.

Salon z antresolą

The kitchen with dining room and entrance to the mezzanine in the existing restored section

© Tomasz Zjawiony

The historic part was juxtaposed with the newly built, minimalist, clean pavilion form. This part of the house, thanks to the contrast between old and new, brings freshness.

w istniejącej części odrestaurowanej

The mezzanine in the existing restored section

© Tomasz Zjawiony

Combining the two styles, I aimed to create something very contemporary, while at the same time looking beyond the current times. The design idea was very simple - to transform an old building in a way that would give it freshness and entail interesting solutions. The project was also meant to prove that you don't always have to start by building a new house, that it is worth doing something that is interesting, functional and aesthetically pleasing on the basis of an old building.

w części historycznej budynku

Bathroom on the first floor in the renovated part of the existing one

© Tomasz Zjawiony

design and functional division of the interior

As I mentioned, the project is divided into two parts: the existing part and the designed part. The functional division was quite complicated, because the existing rural building is built on the basis of a rectangle with a central entrance from the courtyard (a popular way of building from the 1960s).

salon w części

The living room in the designed part

© Tomasz Zjawiony

To develop the best possible functional division of the interior, I conducted a design analysis to maximize the potential of the building and the plot, concentrating the most important function in the central part of the existing building.

z toaletą i łazienką w części projektowanej

A bedroom with a bathroom in the designed part

© Tomasz Zjawiony

As a result, I established the starting assumptions for the project: preserving and restoring the existing building with giving it a new function that composes and contrasts with the original layout inside the building. Then to surround the existing building with a new form of architecture with a minimalist expression, which will provide a contemporary setting for the historic building, reflecting respect for the existing space.


Illustrations: © Author

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