Bathed in roses atelier of wedding dress designer in Lublin

Ola Kloc
17 of August '21

In a small premises in Lublin, interior architects Katarzyna Dudek and Agnieszka Michalowska of DU architects and Designes studio designed a cozy space - a wedding dress designer's atelier, in the comfort of which future brides will be able to choose the creation of their dreams.

The ubiquitous pink and decorative cloud of flowers at first glance can be a bit overwhelming, too stereotypical. However, the architects chose a subtle, muted shade, which creates an intimate atmosphere of the interior and a background for white creations, decorative forms, textures and furnishings, such as the designer lamps from the TRN collection designed by Ms. Jurek, proposed in the visuals.

{Image@url=,alt=wnętrze of wedding dress salon in Lublin,title=interior of wedding dress salon in Lublin}

interior of wedding dress salon in Lublin

vision: Michal Sokolowski

The authors of the project of a wedding dress salon in Lublin talk about the difficulties associated with arranging such a small space, creating the right mood of the interior in which customers will feel confident and inspiration.

Ola Kloc
: What challenges did you face in undertaking this project?

Katarzyna Dudek, Agnieszka Michalowska: The biggest challenge when creating the project was for us to reconcile so many functions in a relatively small space. On less than thirty square meters we had to fit fitting rooms, a designer's desk, displays of the latest collection consisting of a dozen wedding dresses, couches for accompanying people, and the most important element - a platform for the bride-to-be. It was not an easy task, but after a joint "brainstorming" we managed to arrange it sensibly, preserving a unique space for the presentation of dresses in the center.

{Above the platform for measuring wedding dresses will hang a rose flower decoration,title=above the platform for measuring wedding dresses will hang a rose flower decoration}

above the platform for measuring wedding dresses will hang a decoration of rose flowers.

vision: Michal Sokolowski

: The main idea was to create a mood of intimacy in the atelier, what solutions did you use to achieve this effect?

Katarzyna, Agnieszka: First of all, we had to "cut off" from the street, from which you could see everything that was happening in the atelier. To this end, we added an additional partition wall behind the showcase. At first we were afraid of this solution, because we didn't want to limit access to daylight, or take away the already lacking space. Looking for a compromise, we designed walls with huge mirrors in various shapes. We also carefully analyzed the designer's entire collection - we checked in which conditions the dresses look best. It turned out that artificial lighting presents the shiny elements of the wedding creations much more favorably. Replacing daylight with artificial lighting therefore turned out to be a hit.

widoki interior wallswidoki interior wallswidoki interior walls

views of interior walls

© Du Architektura, Designes

: What was the inspiration for such a choice of materials, colors, textures?

Catherine, Agnieszka: We associated the bride with two colors - the white of the wedding dress and red symbolizing love. Mixing these two colors with each other, we got a powder pink, which covered the walls, curtains and ceiling, becoming a background for the rest of the elements. The name of this color comes from the beautiful flowers - this inspired us to create a "rose cloud", suspended above the presenting client's gown. We decided to use the wavy fabrics on the hangers on the walls as well - this time in the form of long curtains stretching from the very ceiling, but of course in our main color, so as not to compete with white.



© Du Architecture, Designes

: How did you want the clients to feel in the interior?

Catherine, Agnieszka: Many little girls dream of being a fairy tale princess - in a beautiful dress, waiting for a prince on a white horse. We designed this interior with these dreams in mind. The bride is supposed to feel like the main character in it, so the interior design elements are to provide a non-intrusive background. Hence the idea of flooding several elements with the same color and exposing the place of measuring the dress on a raised platform under an installation of flowers. The whole idea was to resemble the setting of a fairy tale and allow clients to feel that they are the most important part of it.

Ola: Thank you for the interview.

Ola Kloc

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