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Bartholomew Kisielewski - briefly on the subject

31 of October '19

Today in a mini-interview in the series "10 questions to... " our questions will be answered by Bartlomiej Kisielewski, one of the partners at Horizone Studio, the studio that edits the November issue of A&B. You can visit the design office during the upcoming FOPA Festival of Open Architectural Studios. You are welcome!

Bartłomiej Kisielewski graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracow University of Technology, he was also a finalist in the national competition for the best "Diploma of the Year" organized by SARP. He gained professional experience in Berlin in the offices of Takamatsu + Lahyani Architects Associates and Pysall Ruge Architekten, among others. He participated in the design of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, the LTD_1 office building in Hamburg and the Doha Central Station in Qatar. Co-author and lead architect of the new Polish Aviation Museum building in Krakow, for which he was nominated with Pysall Ruge Architekten for the Mies van der Rohe Prize. In 2009, he and his partners opened the HORIZONE STUDIO office in Krakow.

1. architecture in three words...?

a. Beauty.
b. Craftsmanship.
c. Order.

2: The three most important buildings for you...?

I think more important to me than buildings are places.

3. The most important book on architecture...?

History of the Renaissance.

4. Most inspiring city and why...?

Any old city, built to a human scale, where modernity makes its mark, but with respect for the context.

5. Architect with whom you would like to design something and why...?

With a group of architects who come from all over and can speak one language.

6. hand drawing or computer drawing?

Hand sketch as a record of thoughts.

7. mockup or 3D model?

Mockups! They are so lacking in Poland in discussions about buildings and the shape of the city.

8. modernism or postmodernism?

Never postmodernism. Often modernism.

9. working after hours or sports?


10. architecture or business?


The opportunity to get a sneak peek at how the architects at Horizone Studio work will be during the Open Architecture Studio Festival, November 22 at 5 p.m. See you there!

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