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Multifaceted spatial environment. Architecture in three words according to Agata Wozniczka of BUDCUD studio

09 of July '20

"10 Questions to..." is a series of short interviews with architects and female architects, to whom we address the same pool of questions. For today's mini-interview we invited Agata Wozniczka and Mateusz Adamczyk from BUDCUD studio.

Agata Wozniczka - a graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology, she also studied in Madrid. She gained professional experience in such offices as Maćków Pracownia Projektowa, WWAA and BIG. Since 2011, together with Mateusz Adamczyk, she creates BUDCUD studio in Krakow.

1. architecture in three words...?

a. Multifaceted
b. environment
c. spatial.

2. The three most important buildings to you...?

a. Solpol in Wroclaw, because I grew up with it. It breaks my heart that it is so difficult now to find a contemporary function for it - or to build something for the new times in its place.
b. The expansion of the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid, because during my scholarship in Madrid I enjoyed observing how interesting and multi-level public space is created by Nouvel's architecture.
c. The thermal baths in Vals, because combined with a stay in a hotel room designed by Thom Mayne, they are the definition of relaxation for me. It's outstanding architecture designed with experiences - not only the various proportions of the rooms and the textures of the local stone, but also the music, smells and temperatures. Bathing in water full of alpine flowers - there is nothing better!

3 The most important book on architecture...?

For me - the BUDCUD monograph, which was published by DAMDI Publishing as part of the Design Document series, where young, promising studios from around the world are published. It's inspiring to find yourself on the shelf next to NL Architects, Manuelle Gautrand or JDS.

Recently I was very impressed by reading "Four Walls and a Roof" by Reinier de Graaf - it's been a long time since anyone wrote so frankly about the architectural profession and adventures with investors.

4. most inspiring city and why...?

I am inspired by cities where - through the layering of architecture of different times - you can see their complex history, which is why I so enjoy returning to Tel Aviv, Berlin and, of course, Wroclaw, where I come from. I envy the residents of beautiful Bern, because I would also like to swim down the river to work.

5. architect with whom you would like to design something and why...?

Although I work with Matthew on a daily basis and I think we complement each other design-wise, my dream is to meet Elizabeth Diller or Amale Andraos. I'm fascinated by their way of thinking about architecture, the clear intellectual rigor and looking for the future now.

6. hand-drawing or computer drawing?

Hand-drawing to start with, and computer drawing to develop the idea. Again, hand-drawn as we discuss changes.

7. mockup or 3D model?

Both ways of working are always better than working only on projections and drawings or cad design.

8. modernism or postmodernism?

Adhering to the principle: less is a snore I choose postmodernism!

9. working after hours or sports?

Depends on the demand... Skiing and the road allow me to keep my distance from work.

10. architecture or business?

Since it's my job, both.

In 2018 BUDCUD studio co-edited the April issue of A&B, you can find their Atlas of Architecture here.

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