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The art of simplicity from Deer Design

25 of May '20

This interior was created for fans of minimalism, who appreciate simple solutions. Although gray dominates here, the designers managed to create a harmonized space. Bright floors contrast with ash and white elements. This almost uniformity of color allows you to complement the apartment with any accessories - still in the spirit of minimalism, of course!

This interior is all about the art of simplicity. The sparing design, subdued color palette and lack of ornamentation make the whole space captivating with its ascetic character. Gray, anthracite and black create an extremely harmonious whole. Designers from Deer Design studio with full consistency created a place where "less is better". The whole tailor-made for true lovers of minimalism.

One of the key challenges faced by the architects was to design the apartment in such a way that the cool, dark colors did not overwhelm the space. In order to maintain the unconventional atmosphere of the interior, the designers reached for various textures, so that the various shades and tones of mysterious gray, intense black and anthracite would hold the gaze for longer. The unusually sparing color palette is complemented by timeless white and light brown.

less is more

The kitchen open to the living room is the best proof that dark interiors have their own unique charm. Ascetic furniture made in cooperation with Deer Wood Pracownia Stolarska in anthracite color blends perfectly with black household appliances. The attention is stolen here by the finish of the kitchen apron. The architects opted for Naturali Emperador Grigio quartz sinter of unusual gray color with subtle grain pattern.

Minimalistyczne wnętrze - minimalistyczne meble Minimalistyczne wnętrze - prosta forma łóżka

In order to maintain the unusual atmosphere of the interior, the designers reached for different textures, so that the various shades and tones of mysterious gray

photo by Dariusz Majgier

In a minimalist interior, in addition to simple design, perfect functionality counts, hence the choice of large-format tiles, which have excellent technical parameters: resistance to high temperatures, fire, moisture or direct contact with water. In addition, sinters do not allow the formation of mold, bacteria and fungi, and do not require specialized means for maintenance and cleaning. The beautiful gray on the kitchen wall perfectly harmonizes with the color of the chairs at the dining table, whose streamlined design is further emphasized by the bleached gray of the tabletop and solid anthracite legs.

In the lounge area, the focal point remains the gray corner sofa. Right next to it is an original coffee table with a stone top in dark gray. The lounge chair, which is located in the corner of the room, is kept in a similar tone. The counterpoint to the anthracite TV wall remains the white TV cabinet. The whole is perfectly complemented by minimalist lighting in the form of spotlights in the ceiling, and the ground-length gray curtains emphasize the unique atmosphere of this part of the house.

minimalism in the home interior

The bedroom captivates with simple elegance. The primary protagonist of the space remains, of course, the bed in gray with an extremely original headboard made of Laminam Naturali Emperador Grigio quartz sinter, which was also used by the designers in the kitchen. The color of the large-format board is perfectly matched by bedside cabinets with unconventional black lamps. The interior is complemented by a simple black closet and gray curtains to the ground. The warming element remains the wooden floor.

Minimalistyczne wnętrze - minimalistyczna kuchnia

Dark interiors have their own unique charm

photo by Dariusz Majgier

The minimalist character of the interior is also presented in the bathroom. In a small space, the designers from Deer Design opted for a black and whitecombination. The floor and walls in intense black are a great background for bright fixtures. The shower area in white with hints of gray keeps the bathroom light in character. A simple mirror and black frames and spotlights in the same color build the character of the place.

The design of the apartment in a minimalist style proves that the simplest forms, a thrifty color palette and a lack of decorative accessories can create a space that is original and interesting, although certainly dedicated to those who understand and appreciate the difficult art of minimalism.

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