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Atmospheric interior of Seaside Park in Gdansk designed by PB/Studio and Maciej Ryniewicz

02 of June '20

It is not the interior of an apartment, but it is just as pleasant and you can feel comfortable here. It was with this in mind that the arrangement of this common space of the Seaside Park in Gdansk was created. It is intended for the use of every resident, hence its character had to be, not so much universal, but classic, simple in its elegance.

Architects from PB/STUDIO and Maciej Ryniewicz were inspired by the surroundings of the buildings of the Seaside Park in Gdansk. Bright colors dominate here - not only the facade, but also small architecture made of concrete. The main goal was to create an elegant and classy space in which everyone would feel comfortable. Hence, the designers decided to combine broken white and light terazzo with walnut wood, strong in expression. They completed the whole with olive marble elements. The handles were also made of it, which allows the user to feel the interior on his own skin.

Wnętrze Nadmorskiego Parku w Gdańsku projektu PB Studio Nastrojowe wnętrze Nadmorskiego Parku w Gdańsku - ciemne wnętrze

Despite the large glazing in the room, there is a slight semi-darkness here

Photo: PION Studio

dark colors in the interior

The darkest room of the space is certainly the club room. Such a place needs the right climate to enjoy it to the fullest. Despite the dark hues, it is not gloomy, but rather stylish, and encourages evening meetings. Despite the large glass window located in the room, there is a slight twilight. It's the perfect place for a late-night drink over a game of pool or for socializing over music or a movie. Simply close the graphite curtains surrounding the window and turn on the projector to enjoy the screening. The dark color scheme, also introduced on the varied textures - including wooden panels - builds the right mood for this.

The floor was made of black terazzo, with potted plants placed in places, which on the one hand enliven the interior, and on the other, fit into its atmosphere. As the architects themselves emphasize - the common denominator here is walnut and light-olive marble elements. To meet the requirements and needs of the users, the designers took care of the appropriate acoustics in the room. They used individually designed surfaces that absorb sound.

Wnętrze Nadmorskiego Parku w Gdańsku - strefa wellness Wnętrze Nadmorskiego Parku w Gdańsku - jasne wnętrze

The play with light is one of the elements of the arrangement that created a moody atmosphere of the space

photo: PION Studio

bright interior

The fitness area contrasts with the dark club room. It is a bright and open space with a sizable glass window that looks directly out onto the building's outdoor terrace. The interior of the spa, on the other hand, is characterized by a more intimate atmosphere, provided by slightly dimmed, diffused light. Already at first glance, the space is associated with relaxation, not least due to the softness of the couches and armchairs, which are tempting. The play of light is one of the elements of the arrangement that created its atmospheric atmosphere, such as discreet lamps providing spot light or a slightly hazy brightness coming out from behind the round mirror.

elaboration: Basia Hyjek

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