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Best decorated plant interiors in Krakow: Busz, Lola Flora, Greenhouse

11 of June '20

Plant lovers have recently been increasing at such a rate as proponents of plant-based cuisine. The fashion for green arrangements is due not only to a social trend, but first of all to the passion of its creators - nature and man together form a beautiful symbiosis. Plants give interiors a unique, cozy atmosphere, and put the guests interacting with it in a good mood. Surrounded by nature, time flows differently, the brain relaxes, the body cleanses, and thoughts slow down their frantic run. The love of nature is strong and inspiring - it's what led to the creation of unique green cafes and florists (or maybe two in one?), which you should definitely take a look at when visiting Krakow!

BUSZ and its people - discover the jungle near the Market Square!

Hidden in the shadows of the courtyard of a tenement house on Mikołajska Street, in the very center of the Old Town, emerges the secluded BUSZ - a charming "florist's shop", as owner Kasia calls her establishment, which she runs with her boyfriend. Glazed windows, a spacious terrace where the bustle of the city fades away and only the birds and the bugle call can be heard, and simple wicker furniture are a foretaste of the green enclave into which we plunge when we cross the café's threshold.

And inside? A mass of pots of all sizes, shelves strewn with leafy specimens and flowers, mosses, forest jars and wall-mounted natural ornaments, handmade by the establishment's owners. A real jungle, a real Bush! A small bar, several velour and extremely soft sofas, a romantic alcove just in time for private conversations over coffee, and an impressive table made of a proud monolith are evidence of human presence. And in the corner of the premises a separate room for Kasi's creative work and replanting of plants - after all, one can never have enough fun with the earth, and the interior of Bush changes as dynamically as nature and the ideas of the people who create it.

kawiarnia Busz
w Krakowie

bush cafe

photo: Maciej Zygmunt

Man does not live by coffee alone

Busz is no ordinary green cafe - every plant present inside you can add it to your bill and take it home (often with soil free of charge). Almost every one, because, as the owner laughs, she is too attached to some specimens, especially the intriguing philodendrons. The flower shop often hosts inspiring workshops, such as those on creating natural cosmetics, composing woods in jars or the Eastern art of kokedama - hanging gardens. The bush can also be rented for in-house initiatives, such as closed social or business events or intimate yoga and dance classes.

Where did the concept come from?

Kasia wanted to work in a friendly and inspiring place. For work, you know, you need coffee that stimulates and tastes good, including friends dropping by to visit. And coffee grounds are great for fertilizer. The result became Busz, a combination of plants, delicious coffee and a friendly atmosphere. The café's plant-based arrangement is impressive. Here, every new visitor becomes an instant acquaintance and joins the community of Bush people, eager to return to this soothing place where they melt long hours for work, conversation or relaxation. The café enjoys a steady flow of traffic, with an atmosphere of intimacy and exclusivity away from the tourist hustle and bustle of Krakow. Locals and regulars have also proved to be an exceptional support - in the difficult situation of the past pandemic months, they actively participated in flower auctions, led by Kasia, enabling Bush to survive during the period of restrictions.

Although the original idea has been realized, there is no shortage of ideas for further development! As a first step, the owners plan to add palm trees and hammocks to the terrace of the Bush, as well as an outdoor bar, suitable for long summer evenings. Next, to create an atmospheric wine bar adjacent to the main premises. Kasia would also like to allow guests to compose plants with pots, which she could immediately replant in the back room. And regularly invite guests to vernissages, exhibitions and artistic endeavors held inside the Bush. Let's wait patiently - it's going to happen!

kawiarnia Busz

BUSZ cafe

Photo: Magda Mleczko

For nature to Lola Flora!

This time, without coffee, we go to a beautiful florist on 3 Meiselsa Street in Krakow. Lola Flora serves real plant rarities - in its offer you'll find impressive monstera and banana trees, harmonious succulents of all shapes and sizes, leafy calatee, interestingly twisted small specimens of plants and mosses and many, many other inspiring species. A real paradise for those who want to take care of unique room decor - here everyone will find the perfect flower for their home!

From classic plants to species for special tasks!

Thanks to the experience and passion of the owners of Lola Flora, you are sure to find plant pots that suit your individual needs and aesthetic preferences. In this unique botanical store you will get specimens that improve the quality of the air, so you can effectively freshen up your apartment, or super-strong species, resistant to attacks from children and forgiving to forgetful owners about watering. And for the safety of your pets, especially cats, you will choose the right non-toxic plants, such as chamedora. The store's assortment also includes delightful designer accessories and ornaments - pots, macramé, flowerbeds, made solidly and with soul. A simple flower or leaf can become a mini work of art or an impressive decorative element of your interior.

Comprehensive "green" service

Lola Flora also hosts various plant workshops to share the skills and knowledge of nature lovers. Do you dream of making your own plant decoration? A forest in a jar, a succulent garden, a kokedama, decorative antlers from moose antlers - these are just a few examples of the topics of the classes, from which you will leave with a unique decoration for your home. And on top of that, they will be unforgettable entertainment in an intimate, friendly group.

Shelves and shelves in the Lola Flora store are arranged in a way that beautifully displays the available specimens - delicate vines hang from the ceiling, smaller pots densely decorate wooden cabinets, and larger species "grow" straight from the floor. Plants that need more light stand naturally closer to the windows or illuminated by appropriate lamps. The interior of the flower shop can be compared to an untamed but elegant thicket of interesting specimens and original plant ornaments. Lola Flora cares about the variety of nature available to customers and maintains harmony between the plants and the whiteness and subtlety of the store's furniture.

Lola Flora

LOLA FLORA flower shop

Photo: © Lola Flora

Greenhouse - or coffee, books, flowers

The idea for an atmospheric green cafe was born in the owners' mind long before they opened the establishment. In a group of friends they collected plants, splitting, transplanting and tending home gardens and collecting interesting ornaments and pots. After taking over the space of an apartment building on Krowoderska Street in Krakow, they created their own intimate oasis of calm in no time. Have you come across the interior of Szklarnia yet?

Soothing and intriguing

The Greenhouse room is a cozy intimate thicket of flowers and plants, in the shade of which you can enjoy a tasty cup of coffee, chat with friends and work in concentration. Atmospheric music and available books provide relaxing entertainment in any situation. The Greenhouse's food offerings include desserts and sandwiches, as well as a wide selection of coffees and teas - all 100 percent plant-based. Gluten-free alternatives are also available, as well as interesting alcoholic offerings: vegan wines, beers and, above all, ciders.

Here everything is coherent and has a purpose - crossing the threshold you enter a separate land, but one that is open to new, friendly faces. And neighbors, friends and regulars keep adding to the collection of floral specimens decorating the interior. The owners emphasize that the three words: coffee, books and flowers, positioned in the establishment's logo, are the aspects that tie the Greenhouse together. Both in the decor and in the day-to-day operations of the cafe - these elements will certainly not be missing!

kawiarnia Szklarnia


photo: Kamil Kozuch


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