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Cocooning interior - design a good mood for yourself

12 of June '20

Sometimes the overwhelming need to take refuge in a warm, soft and comfortable place comes over us. A cocoon would be ideal for this purpose! With help comes cocooning - a social trend that has also penetrated the field of interior design. How to create your own cozy cocoon, in which you will find peace and security?

Cocooning is a social trend that describes the phenomenon of creating our own metaphorical cocoon in which we can hide from the world. It is often called conscious modern homemaking. Cocooning also influences space design, prompting us to arrange interiors that are functional, but also cozy and comfortable, taking care of our physical and mental condition.

Softness, softness everywhere

The sight of soft, tactile fabrics makes any interior almost inviting to stay in it for a longer, much longer time... However, we usually associate soft velour, wool that protects against the cold or fluffy plush with blankets or pillows. How about transferring the materials that usually wrap us in a tight cocoon during endless TV shows to other elements of our four corners? In the thicket of the design avant-garde, it is worth thinking about materials deceptively reminiscent of fabrics or exclusive silk wallpapers, but in an unusual edition - ready to cover walls and floors, and to cope with the humid atmosphere of bathrooms and the hot climate of the kitchen.

Cocooning - nowy trend we wnętrzach

A harmonious space free from arrangement slip-ups, which will "wrap" us and encourage us to relax, will be created when the base of the composition is made of never going out of fashion muted whites, warm browns, creamy beiges or grays.

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The dream of a cozy bathing room, also in a mini edition, will be fulfilled, for example, by a collection of tiles imitating the look and texture of fabric. If we dream of a comfortable, boudoir-like bedroom, which would not be ashamed of the Great Gatsby himself, let's bet on ceramics imitating luxurious wallpaper.

in earthy colors

Invigorating turquoises, strong oranges and blood reds - an intense color palette reminiscent of a blooming garden looks beautiful, but in nature, when our eye can rest from the feria of colors on a soothingly blue horizon line. In closed rooms, however, such a colorful mishmash will sooner make us dizzy than relax.
We can create a harmonious space free from misadventures in arrangement, which will "wrap" us and encourage us to relax, if we make the base of the composition as never going out of fashion muted whites, warm browns, creamy beiges or grays. Especially if we cover large surfaces with them, such as walls or floors, which will become the base for more extravagant forms of furniture and accessories.

In the glow of light

Many factors affect the proper functioning of the human body. But the one we often forget about is... light, which can work wonders in building a cozy interior atmosphere. In order to achieve the aforementioned effect, in the process of arranging we should pay attention to two elements - the placement of light sources and their color. The more light points we place in our living room or bedroom, the more homely atmosphere we can get, and the brighter it will be in our four corners.

Nastrojowe oświetlenie w mieszkaniu. Cocooning

In building an intimate atmosphere, conducive to relaxation, warm color temperature will also help especially in the decorative edition of romantic lanterns, light strings or candles

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Gentle light oozing from under a standing lamp will be good for reading in the evening, while a wall lamp placed over the TV will come in handy when we choose a movie instead of a book. In building an intimate atmosphere conducive to relaxation, a warm color temperature will also help, especially in the decorative form of romantic lanterns, strings of lights or candles. And if, in addition to practicality, we would like to bet on unconventional aesthetics in the style of cocooning, choose versions of lamps and wall lamps with unusual, organic forms.

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