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Attic apartment. Black and white interiors by YACH

Dobrawa Bies
26 of May '21

The unused attic of a Gliwice building from the 1950s has gained a new function. Designers from the YACH office transformed it into a modern apartment maintained in a classic contrasting color combination. Black and white, as they are referred to, dominate all, soaring interiors.

The 100-square-meter apartment in Gliwice was made with attention to detail, with special emphasis on finishing materials and modern interior design elements.

korytarz Mieszkanie urządzono na

The dominant colors of the interior are white, black and gray

Photo: Anna Laskowska © YACH

nature inspirations

Natural motifs in interiors are not new, but interest in this design trend continues unabated, not only because of the prevailing trends, but above all because of the possibility of creating a timeless yet cozy design. The first example of inspiration from nature in the realization by the YACH office is the wooden structural elements in the form of mayflies and posts, which bind the whole project together. Another accent taken from nature is the timeless bottle green used in both the living room and kitchen, which is found in the dining area, lounge area and covers the wall of the kitchenette.

Czarna kuchnia
i butelkowe kafle

Black kitchen with an accent of bottled green

Photo: Anna Laskowska © YACH

cozy bathroom

Finishing materials referring to nature were also used in the bathroom space of the ArchiArt project. The main elements here are wood and architectural concrete, and the space is kept in whites and grays. The source of cozy warmth (in addition to pleasant shades of wood) is the gray Fortuna designer and functional radiator. Its decorative and subtle form, complements the design idea. The same model was also used in the hallway.

z dekoracyjnymi kaflami

All the bevels have been arranged

Photo: Anna Laskowska © ArchiArt

golden accessories

In any arrangement, a significant role is played by accessories, which give the interior a certain character. Definitely in the design of this attic, lighting elements attract attention. Modern chandeliers and matching sconces in a shade of gold correspond with the colors dominating the decorations - the chandelier, flower pots and ornaments located on the loft coffee table.

w odcieniach kojącej szarości

A bedroom kept in gray tones

Photo: Anna Laskowska © YACH

Soothing gray in the bedroom

The private space, and within it the bedroom, is different from the rest of the apartment. Here soothing gray reigns supreme. A modular headrest and soft textiles in the form of pillows, a practical bedspread and a blanket are the perfect backdrop for the daylight streaming in through the window. To this arrangement deviation from the black and white style of the whole project were smuggled accessories that harmonize the bedroom with the rest of the implementation.

Zielone akcenty
w salonie

Gold accessories in the living room

Photo: Anna Laskowska © YACH

Arranging the living space in the attic was an exceptionally inspiring challenge, not only because of the need to change the use of the premises, but also because of the investor's high requirements for the aesthetics of the workmanship, concludes Rafal Jach, founder of YACH.

The designers from YACH and ArchiArt proved that even a seemingly unusable space, which is difficult to arrange, can become a modern apartment thanks to creativity and bold decisions.

elaboration. : Dobrawa Bies

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